Monday, June 9, 2014


This happened three years ago:

And so did this:

And this:

I read something a while back that said something to the effect of: When you move away from friends and family and familiarity, you become closer as a couple. This past year we have definitely come closer as a couple. Driving across country, looking for a home, spending tons of money on the move and figuring out our finances/budget, new jobs, no friends, new ward, no fry sauce... it all helped us strengthen our relationship. We went through a lot of new experiences that we'd never been through together, let alone with a baby. We learned a lot from each other, we needed each other and we supported each other.

Now we have friends, we love our ward, we've got jobs figured out, a little bit of money back in savings and there is still no fry sauce to be found.  I'm thankful for the experiences that we are blessed with as a couple that push our relationship, that help us work together and that ultimately make us love each other more.

I'm so grateful that I met Darin four years ago this month and that our relationship somehow became more than supervisor-customer service agent (Thank you grey sexy pants, tacos, Inception and the All-Star Game...we couldn't have done it without you). 

We hit up Water Country USA on Saturday to celebrate and had a blast.  The best part was Darin's impromtu belting out of "Firework" by Katy Perry--which was basically our wedding song--while tubing our way down a not very fast, dark flume.

Love this boy. LOVE. HIM.

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