Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend

We went up to Pocatello with Amelia for Memorial Day weekend. Unfortunately a nasty flu bug attacked Darin and I with full force the day before leaving. It was so nice having Amelia there to take care of Shae while both of us rolled around in bed feeling miserable. Sadly the bug wasn't satisfied with just Darin and I and while up in Pocatello Amelia and Sharon both got sick as well. It was kind of a bummer that it hit us all when it did but luckily it didn't last too long and Shae didn't seem to get it which was a miracle.

With that said, we were still able to go out on Saturday. We first went up to the Idaho Falls temple where Darin and I were able to do some really special sealings for family that Amelia had worked hard on finding. We then had a nice picnic in the park (which was our first meal in a few days and would be Amelia's last for a few days) and watched Shae experience bubbles for the first time.

 Then we went to the Zoo! Same with the Aquarium, I loved seeing Shae react, or not react, to certain things. He could have stared plastered to the otter window all day. They were moving so fast all over the place and kept swimming right in front of his little window. He was mesmerized. Then there were times where we would point with all of our fingers might to show him where the animal was, but if it wasn't moving he had no idea that it existed. That happened with the bear and the tiger who were curled up and didn't want to move. Shae just looked around the entire exhibit having no idea what the hoopla we were making was all about.

He was less than thrilled about the kid petting zone.

The lion was one animal that thankfully was up and about moving around which meant that he caught Shae's eye. Although I still think Shae preferred the lion water fountain to the real thing.

Grandma even bought him a little frog puppet as a souvenir! 

It might not have been the best weekend what with all the sickness hanging about but it was still really nice to be home in Idaho and to be with Sharon and Amelia. They are oh so good to us and after almost a year of not seeing them, it was wonderful to spend some much needed face time together. (And we're so happy we will get to see both of them again this summer!)

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