Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

When I left for my mission to Argentina, a friend told me that there would be a lot of super highs as well as super lows. His suggestion for me was to take a picture, a picture of the good AND the bad. It's really easy to take pictures of the good/happy moments, but I really liked that he told me to take a picture of the bad as well. He told me that some day, I'd be able to look back at those pictures and laugh, as well as be grateful that those moments are in the past. I took his advice seriously which is why I have pictures of me and an apple full of worms, walking in rain water up to my mid calf, flooded apartment, super sweaty blouses, etc. (along with hundreds of special/happy moment pictures as well). 

I've decided to stretch his suggestion to parenthood as well. My plan is to document it all --the good, and the bad--with hopes that someday we can look back with a smile on ALL of it.

It all came out of no where this past week. Leaky diapers, leaky milk, wet blankets, wet clothes, wet beds, wet wet wet, which = laundry laundry laundry.

 photo DSC01093_zpsc500daae.jpg 

We've seen this time of the morning much more these past two weeks than we ever have in our lives previously. Definitely not my favorite time of the day. People say it won't always be like this. Really? Do they really sleep at night at some point? I don't want to get my hopes up.
 photo DSC01102_zpsf001ccde.jpg 

The long nights can feel never-ending. The wet EVERYTHING can be frustrating. However, it's moments like these that make me smile. That remind me why I wanted to be a mom. That make me feel like it's all worth it. That make me want to keep going, no matter how tired and wet I get. 

My boys are pretty precious, aren't they?
 photo DSC01107_zps29c4dabf.jpg

Monday, February 18, 2013

Reading Time

Hi friends. 

I had a baby. Just FYI. 

Here he is getting ready to come home from the hospital. We're completely in love with him. 

 photo DSC01039_zpsd293a560.jpg 

Darin made a promise to the boy while in the womb that he would read to him everyday. Reading is really important to both of us, but especially Darin. We both believe strongly that it is important for a child to read with their father, to see that it is something important to him, even after a long days work. 

Darin held to his promise and started reading to our boy that first night we were with him in the hospital. Starting out life with a little J.R.R Tolkien. Doesn't get better than that.
 photo DSC01036_zps9b125d2d.jpg

Friday, February 8, 2013


Ever since I found out I was pregnant, I've been putting together a list of things that make me feel love and happiness from or in regards to my sweet husband. I figure that now would be a good time to finally post this list since Valentines Day is next week (however, who knows what kind of condition I'll be in on Valentines Day) AND because our little family of two will be becoming a family of three this week. I'm excited for our family to grow but have absolutely LOVED these first few years of dating/engagement/marriage. Sometimes I get sad thinking that "it" is about to be over and then Darin reminds me of all the new memories we'll create and how we'll fall in love in new ways and that "it" will never go away. Good thing I have him.


Love is...

...when he comes into the kitchen while I'm doing the dishes and asks if he can take over.

...craving ice cream while on campus but feeling guilty if you get some without him with you because you'll be missing out on an opportunity to bask in the joy of creamy goodness together. 

...sitting on the 7th floor of SWKT while he is on the 8th and every time the elevator door opens getting a little giddy inside thinking it could be him walking out to meet up for dinner.

...being disappointed when the elevator doors open and it's not him.

...when the alarm goes off and your husband turns it off and gets right back in bed and pulls you over to cuddle with him before being separated for the day.

...when he holds out his arm for you to grab as you walk down icy stairs on your way to a cold football game.

 photo DSC08367_zps9050c744.jpg

...when you look up while in the computer lab and unexpectedly see him walking towards you and your heart flutters.

...when you realize that  every family picture you have is a family picture of the two of you.

...when he sees you in pain while driving home from ID and quickly switches to the passenger seat while you go to the bathroom even though he has a killer headache and would prefer to rest.

...when he could stay home sleeping but says that he would prefer to get up at 5:30 am and go with you to drop off your sister at the bus station.

...when every time you get in the shower you see that your loofa is hanging on top of his for easier access.

...when you run out to drop some cookies off and he says that he wants to drive you there.

...when he texts you and tells you he misses you even though you just saw him an hour before. 

...when you are scraping the ice off the car windows before leaving and he runs out to do it for you.

...when he sneaks you an extra slice of pizza or a donut from his class.

...when he massages you EVERY DAY during the last trimester of your pregnancy.

...when you meet up and you start walking quickly and then realize that he isn't walking next to you anymore because he is stopped 10 feet behind you waiting for the kiss you neglected to give him.

...when you wake up earlier than he thinks you will and he tells you to get back in bed so that he can follow through with his plan to bring you breakfast in bed.

When he tells you you're his best friend.

When he tells you you're adorable.

When he tells you he loves you.

 photo DSC00968_zpsbe766011.jpg

I love you Darin. 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Showering the Baby

My beautiful friends threw me a beautiful baby shower a few weeks ago. 

I was so excited to catch up with some friends that I haven't seen in a very long time and for all of the love and kindness that everyone showed me and our little baby. I really am surrounded by amazing people.

Kaitlyn is the decoration queen and really made everything look absolutely adorable with the "She's About to Pop" theme. Special thanks to Kaitlyn, Kaitlin, Sunshine and Amelia for putting everything together. They all pitched in a made some delicious treats for us to enjoy (POPcorn, POP punch, POPpey Seed Salad, Rice Crispie POPS, Cake POPS, Veggie and Fruit POP sticks, annnndddd yummy Rolls).

Thanks to everyone for coming, for caring and for loving! It really meant the world to me.

 photo DSC_0111_zps518bd4d3.jpg  photo DSC_0113_zpsc1d70a59.jpg
 photo DSC_0114_zps07c2775b.jpg
 photo DSC_0064_zps205f5515.jpg  photo DSC_0065_zps5012000d.jpg  photo DSC_0067_zps5374eba0.jpg  photo DSC_0068_zps9271b89e.jpg  photo DSC_0069_zps7eab0f95.jpg  photo DSC_0073_zps9bfb5985.jpg  photo DSC_0083_zps16fe6ded.jpg 
 photo DSC_0147_zps2518cfd7.jpg
 photo DSC_0117_zpsd4570611.jpg  photo DSC_0118_zpsd2132b93.jpg  photo DSC_0119_zps384a97c5.jpg  photo DSC_0121_zps19347daa.jpg  photo DSC_0124_zpsbea33e45.jpg  photo DSC_0133_zps44a4c1c6.jpg  photo DSC_0136_zpsd96be4d9.jpg   photo DSC_0148_zps491f0ef1.jpg  photo DSC_0149_zps5608ac9c.jpg  photo DSC_0150_zpsfc165d68.jpg  photo DSC00839_zps94f742b9.jpg  photo DSC00840_zpsa192ba32.jpg

Thanks everyone!

(Thanks to Amelia and Kaitlyn for the awesome pics as well!)

Monday, February 4, 2013

Mama Arrives...

MY mom that is. Not me. Not yet. But soon! Hopefully.

Mom got here yesterday after being on a bus for two days. She's a trooper. Here's a picture to prove it. 
 photo DSC00943_zpsa08ada43.jpg 

We wasted no time welcoming her to the college life and made our way to the BYU Basketball game that night. She had fun reminiscing on all the events that she atteneded at the Marriot Center years (just a couple really) earlier.
 photo DSC00945_zps2b92a890.jpg  photo DSC00950_zps43db700e.jpg
 photo DSC00954_zpsac27849c.jpg
Name that apostle
 photo DSC00956_zpsb2c73765.jpg

Okay baby boy, you now have EVERYONE'S permission to make your grand appearance. We're all waiting and ready for you. 

Friday, February 1, 2013

39 Weeks

 photo DSC00923_zpseab10c52.jpg  photo DSC00924_zps3e3cae10.jpg

If I look a little tired and sickly in that first picture, it's because I am. Sleeping has gotten much harder this last week. I'm not so sure what could have changed so drastically in a week, but I swear I wake up just about every hour. It hasn't helped that I've had a bit of a cold which makes breathing hard. Also, like I previously mentioned, the numbness in my hands is ridiculous at night. I'm learning how to lay my hands to keep them comfortable and I'm starting to just get used to it but there are still frustrating moments here and there. The last two nights have actually been much better (thank goodness!). Darin has been so helpful trying to get me into a comfortable position, many nights sacrificing his own body for me to push up against his in order to be comfortable. He's been so sweet. 

I get these crazy urges to write in my journal every day because, who knows, this could be THE DAY, or THE LAST DAY before it happens and I need to record every single thing that I was feeling/doing on THAT DAY. Not that things really change that much from day to day but I just want to be prepared, to remember. 

People keep asking me if I'm at "that point" where I just want the baby out. Apparently all women hit "that point," at least that's what I'm sensing from all these questions. I think I'm just about there. I really have enjoyed being pregnant. It's been a fun experience and luckily I've been super healthy. But I'm definitely getting anxious to meet my baby. There are so many different emotions going through me right now, but more and more I'm just excited. 

Today is February 1st. I woke up in such a good mood today because of that. It's February! I've been anticipating this month for far too long.

My mom is on a bus right now on her way to come be with us. She will arrive tomorrow. It's so weird knowing that my mom will be here so soon. Makes it THAT MUCH more real. 

Seems like this phase really is winding down and we could have a baby sometime soon. The doctor seems to think I'll probably have to be induced because my body isn't progressing much. We'll see (come on body!). All I know is, I will have a baby in less that two weeks no matter what my body does and I'm pretty dang excited about that.