Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Showering the Baby

My beautiful friends threw me a beautiful baby shower a few weeks ago. 

I was so excited to catch up with some friends that I haven't seen in a very long time and for all of the love and kindness that everyone showed me and our little baby. I really am surrounded by amazing people.

Kaitlyn is the decoration queen and really made everything look absolutely adorable with the "She's About to Pop" theme. Special thanks to Kaitlyn, Kaitlin, Sunshine and Amelia for putting everything together. They all pitched in a made some delicious treats for us to enjoy (POPcorn, POP punch, POPpey Seed Salad, Rice Crispie POPS, Cake POPS, Veggie and Fruit POP sticks, annnndddd yummy Rolls).

Thanks to everyone for coming, for caring and for loving! It really meant the world to me.

 photo DSC_0111_zps518bd4d3.jpg  photo DSC_0113_zpsc1d70a59.jpg
 photo DSC_0114_zps07c2775b.jpg
 photo DSC_0064_zps205f5515.jpg  photo DSC_0065_zps5012000d.jpg  photo DSC_0067_zps5374eba0.jpg  photo DSC_0068_zps9271b89e.jpg  photo DSC_0069_zps7eab0f95.jpg  photo DSC_0073_zps9bfb5985.jpg  photo DSC_0083_zps16fe6ded.jpg 
 photo DSC_0147_zps2518cfd7.jpg
 photo DSC_0117_zpsd4570611.jpg  photo DSC_0118_zpsd2132b93.jpg  photo DSC_0119_zps384a97c5.jpg  photo DSC_0121_zps19347daa.jpg  photo DSC_0124_zpsbea33e45.jpg  photo DSC_0133_zps44a4c1c6.jpg  photo DSC_0136_zpsd96be4d9.jpg   photo DSC_0148_zps491f0ef1.jpg  photo DSC_0149_zps5608ac9c.jpg  photo DSC_0150_zpsfc165d68.jpg  photo DSC00839_zps94f742b9.jpg  photo DSC00840_zpsa192ba32.jpg

Thanks everyone!

(Thanks to Amelia and Kaitlyn for the awesome pics as well!)

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