Thursday, June 27, 2013

This Is My Brain. This Is My Brain on Moving.

Oh hi. We're moving to Virginia. In a week and a half. Darin got a job working at William and Mary University in Williamsburg. 

There are so many different thoughts running through my head. Wanna see?

Yay! So excited to move back to the east coast. Ecstatic to be 4.5 hours away from my family. Giddy that we will be in such a historic place and so close to the beach. Why can't we live close to BOTH of our families? Why do they have to live on different sides of the country. How will the drive be? How will Shae handle it? Will he sleep all day while we drive and be awake all night when we stop to sleep? I wish he could just sit on our laps...that would make feedings so much easier... Darin looks dang good in aviator sunglasses. We need an apartment. I'm done looking for apartments. People Darin will work with are so nice and helpful! No more Cafe Rio. My son is adorable. Man, getting rid of stuff is so liberating. It's supposed to be over 100 degrees all week? Seriously? One more D.I run? Let's do go. Is there a Friendly's in Williamsburg? Popeye's? When is the soonest day that we can go to the beach? I love Kaitlyn and Kaitlin. I can't believe that I will be so far away from them. Why did I just order the 3rd Harry Potter book and then find a copy in a box in our closet?  We are going to go bankrupt. We'll be fine. My son=CUTE! No seriously, we will have no money after this move. Why is a moving truck so expensive? What an exciting adventure! I can't wait to drive, I love driving and driving and driving, it's so relaxing. I'm going to listen to so much Spanish music. Bummer that I had to quit my job after barely a month but it was a good experience nonetheless and I learned quite a bit. We'll call it my mini-real-experience-teaching-opportunity-internship-job-thingy. Maxi skirts are so comfortable. I get to see Molly at the end of August! My son is SO freaking adorable. Goodbye Kia, I hated you and yet have so many good memories with you in them. Why didn't I just leave Shae's clothes in his drawer? Man, it's hot. No more Graham Canyon Ice Cream. When can we come back to UT/ID? Why is flying so expensive? We need to eat up everything in our pantry. Frozen breast milk anyone? I haven't blogged in a long time. Where do I start? We are so blessed. Of course I'm going to keep this big box of my favorite clothes that don't fit me, I have to have something to motivate me right? Or should I just get rid of them? We have so much crap. Should have sold the Day Bed for more if I had known so many people would be interested. Will the couch fit? Do I want the couch to fit? I read somewhere that moving really brings a couple together because you arrive in a new land, don't know anyone except the ones you arrive with...that will be nice. I seriously have to leave the Kaitlyin's!? This is so depressing. I hope we make new friends fast. Lightning bugs! I love adventures! Is it bed time yet? Bam Bams, just go. Seriously though, my son is ADORABLE.

And that's just the preview.

We'll leave the full-fledged film for another day (love you alliteration). Or just repeat all of these things 20 more times and walla--my brain. Is it walla, whalla, waaalaa? Spellchecker can be so disappointing. I should probably be packing something. No more trains!  Wwwwhhooa, it started to take over again. I think that's enough words for one blog post. And since anyone who actually reads this blog really only cares about one thing... here's a picture to prove that the adorableness of my son, is in fact, a reality.

Peace out Utah, you've been good to me. 

 photo DSC01798_zps3760295d.jpg

Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Big T-W-O

Two years. We made it to two years! Not everyone does that you know. 

Our anniversary was on Sunday which made it a bit hard to do anything too crazy-wild like we likes. But I'd say we had a pretty good anniversary week. A week filled with activities that we enjoyed back in our first few weeks of "dating world," so, needless to say, we reminisced openly about those awkward but special first dates.

We were up in Idaho for a few days last week. My mother-in-law was a sweetheart and helped us out so that we could go on a date Friday night which was wonderful. We went and saw the new Star Trek movie. It was the bomb. No no was the bomb DIGGITY. So. Good. 

(Reminded me of our very very very first date where we went and saw Inception and drove in separate cars there and back because we came from work. We went to Subway beforehand and Darin didn't pay for me and I was so confused whether we were really on a date or  not). 

Saturday we drove back down to Utah and on the way to Provo we stopped in Salt Lake so that we could hook up with our sweet friends Harrison and Jenni who totally spoiled us and took us to a Bees baseball game. 

(Our third date way back when was to a Bees game. This is when I decided that I was slowly starting to fall for the boy. Take me to a baseball game and you've got my heart. He knew what he was doing. Although his ex-girlfriend contacted him while we were there and asked if she could come by and bring him a milkshake. Yeah, that was kind of awkward for me).

On Tuesday we were able to find some time between me working and Darin working to go on our "real" anniversary date (more on our work situation later). We went bowling and then to a Chinese Buffet. Nothing too fancy, but I loved it. We were the only people in the bowling alley (I guess that's what happens when you bowl at 11am). Middle of the day dates are totally the way to go. $1 a game bowling and $1 for shoes before five. Heck yeah. And of course the lunch buffet was way cheaper than the dinner buffet. Good deal.

(Our second date we went bowling at BYU and this was the first time that I started to see one of my favorite sides of Darin--his goofy entertainer side. He started moon walking while rocking out to Kesha. It was pretty sexy. Sadly there was no moon walking or Kesha this go around). 

 photo DSC01749_zpsb9bf3617.jpg

I think that my very favorite part of our "anniversary week" (if you will) was when we were driving home from the Bees game. We shared all of our memories from our wedding day (starting the night before) and honeymoon. It was so fun to remember everything that happened and how we felt throughout that special day/week. 

Man oh man, the week of our wedding sure was a fun week. Honeymoon week is probably my favorite week of my life thus far (And not just because of you know what...I know you're all thinking dirty-minded people), but to be with Darin 24/7 for the first time in my life! I'll never forget how giddy in love I felt that week. It was wonderful.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

4 Months

I just had one of those oh-my-goodness-my-baby-is-growing-so-fast-moments. Like, JUST. I haven't had one until just now. The baby boy has been growing quite nicely and I've been enjoying it. Nothing too drastic happening. A smile here, an almost laugh there. A little scootch here, a short holding on to a toy there. And then BAM! I JUST  felt it.


Like...10 minutes ago. 

I felt it when I realized that every time I look down at my son he is on a different side, belly or back. He's slowly been figuring out how to roll over all week. Usually he ends up stuck like this:

 photo DSC01744_zpsc9281fa5.jpg
With one of his arms plastered under his body and can't seem to figure out how to get off of it. He would lay like that for a few minutes and then just push back onto his back because the arm makes it pretty easy to roll right back over.

BUTTTTTTT, all of a sudden today, he's all over the place! 

Not only that, but I finally opened up the 3-6 month clothing drawer and have started putting him in those clothes rather than the 0-3 month clothes. I think that was the kicker. He really is getting bigger. He really is changing. Overnight people. (But seriously, let's just talk for a second about how awesome it would be to open up a new drawer of fresh, never-worn-before clothes every few months. I would be down for that).


I apologize for the super long intro on this four month post but I had to have my mommy moment. And now it's done. Period.

 photo 4months_zps20d6bc5e.jpg

Weight: 15 lbs. 5 oz.
Height: 23.5 inches

At 4 months Shae:

~Can roll over!

~Still can't seem to figure out how to hold on to his pacifier (not for lack of not wanting to...)

~Seems to be sleeping worst each month. (We went from one night time wake up at two months to two nightly wake ups at three months to seriously-I -can't-handle-you-waking-up-four-or-five-times-a night-and-this-has-stop-soon at four months).

~Finally has somewhat of a nap schedule! (Night sleep might be awful but we seem to finally be figuring out day sleep. Yay!)

~Nurses SO fast. Like 5 to 10 minutes. (I never thought I would say this, but I kind of miss the 20 minute feedings that would allow me to watch some TV shows on Netflix guilt-free of wasting my time. Now I just get it turned on and he's almost done).

~Is still a drooling monster. (Like, bad).

 photo DSC01681_zpscd459f16.jpg

Upgraded to the big bathtub. He loves kicking off of the bottom of the tub and sliding around in the water. Who knew that watching a kid take a bath could be so entertaining. (I mean look at that face! Does it not just scream pure joy and splash happiness?)

 photo Censored_zps43a5adeb.jpg

Happy 4 months Mister! 

(And here's to hoping that we can all sleep a little more at night this month).

 (Now that I've just jinxed myself and will never sleep again...) 

The End.

 photo DSC01738_zps8fa1e0f1.jpg

Sunday, June 9, 2013

June 9th

-------------------------------------------Journal Entry: October 11, 2010-------------------------------------

"As we walked back last night talking, all of sudden Darin was like, 'Will you marry me?' I got really quiet. It caught me off guard. Then he said, 'Still not ready?' I feel bad making him wait. I'm not sure what I'm scared of, I just need more time. But every day I fall more in love with him. I'm gonna marry him. I know I will. I know it's right. He's right for me. He's the one for me. I should probably tell him :)."

I eventually did tell him and the above eventually did happen. He was so patient with me and my indecisiveness. 

Our second year of marriage was quite different from the first (pregnancy/baby), but still just as great. We continued to learn new things about each other, our friendship continued to grow and we fell more in love. 

Happy Anniversary Love. 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Flat Feet

I'm amazed by some of the things that babies can do. Like this for example:

 photo DSC01673_zpsdb1a6b8c.jpg

This one's a little more clear:

 photo DSC01677_zpsca35686a.jpg

Check out those feet! Have you ever tried doing that? Try it. And don't cheat and do it sitting down like you're doing the butterfly stretch. Lie down and plaster your feet together like the boy is doing in the above picture (with your legs stretched out mind you). Impossible! (You have got some hardcore talent if you can do this).

Babies continue to amaze me. 

Monday, June 3, 2013

Sick Weekend

We took a sick weekend. Poor Darin has been sick for the past two weeks and his awful cough just won't seem to leave him. It would appear that Shae and I have finally decided to join in the party. Poor little boy was congested all weekend. Pretty hard on us, so naturally, we spoiled him and let him take all of his naps with us yesterday. (Well, we can't really spoil him with food or movies in bed yet so this seemed to be the next best thing considering he loves to sleep in our arms).

And boy did he sleep. He slept all morning. A couple hours with mommy and a couple hours with daddy. 
 photo DSC01667_zps24e84f5c.jpg

So let's just say, it was a pretty low-key weekend. Including:

~Harry Potter. I'm rereading the books for the first time since I was probably 11 (at least I was 11 when I read the first one...). Just finished the first book, so we watched the first movie. SO GOOD.

~A couple sessions of Stake Conference.

~Short family walk to the Farmer's Market down the street where we drooled over massive Nutella-filled crepes and loaves of fresh bread. We promised to go back when we get some $$. 

~Cleaning... no need to explain more there. But man, a clean house just feels good. It amazes me how the smallest act of vacuuming a carpet can make such a difference to the feel of a home.

~Anticipating the possibilities of what will happen if Darin gets one of the two jobs that he just finished the final interview processes with...and what might happen if he doesn't...

~Trying to add some more nutrition to our meals, we tried this Green Mac N' Cheese Recipe. Sadly, it wasn't as good as I had hoped (but I think it was my fault for using the wrong cheese and milk...).

~Lots and lots of college softball.

Annnd, that was our weekend. Exciting eh?