Thursday, June 27, 2013

This Is My Brain. This Is My Brain on Moving.

Oh hi. We're moving to Virginia. In a week and a half. Darin got a job working at William and Mary University in Williamsburg. 

There are so many different thoughts running through my head. Wanna see?

Yay! So excited to move back to the east coast. Ecstatic to be 4.5 hours away from my family. Giddy that we will be in such a historic place and so close to the beach. Why can't we live close to BOTH of our families? Why do they have to live on different sides of the country. How will the drive be? How will Shae handle it? Will he sleep all day while we drive and be awake all night when we stop to sleep? I wish he could just sit on our laps...that would make feedings so much easier... Darin looks dang good in aviator sunglasses. We need an apartment. I'm done looking for apartments. People Darin will work with are so nice and helpful! No more Cafe Rio. My son is adorable. Man, getting rid of stuff is so liberating. It's supposed to be over 100 degrees all week? Seriously? One more D.I run? Let's do go. Is there a Friendly's in Williamsburg? Popeye's? When is the soonest day that we can go to the beach? I love Kaitlyn and Kaitlin. I can't believe that I will be so far away from them. Why did I just order the 3rd Harry Potter book and then find a copy in a box in our closet?  We are going to go bankrupt. We'll be fine. My son=CUTE! No seriously, we will have no money after this move. Why is a moving truck so expensive? What an exciting adventure! I can't wait to drive, I love driving and driving and driving, it's so relaxing. I'm going to listen to so much Spanish music. Bummer that I had to quit my job after barely a month but it was a good experience nonetheless and I learned quite a bit. We'll call it my mini-real-experience-teaching-opportunity-internship-job-thingy. Maxi skirts are so comfortable. I get to see Molly at the end of August! My son is SO freaking adorable. Goodbye Kia, I hated you and yet have so many good memories with you in them. Why didn't I just leave Shae's clothes in his drawer? Man, it's hot. No more Graham Canyon Ice Cream. When can we come back to UT/ID? Why is flying so expensive? We need to eat up everything in our pantry. Frozen breast milk anyone? I haven't blogged in a long time. Where do I start? We are so blessed. Of course I'm going to keep this big box of my favorite clothes that don't fit me, I have to have something to motivate me right? Or should I just get rid of them? We have so much crap. Should have sold the Day Bed for more if I had known so many people would be interested. Will the couch fit? Do I want the couch to fit? I read somewhere that moving really brings a couple together because you arrive in a new land, don't know anyone except the ones you arrive with...that will be nice. I seriously have to leave the Kaitlyin's!? This is so depressing. I hope we make new friends fast. Lightning bugs! I love adventures! Is it bed time yet? Bam Bams, just go. Seriously though, my son is ADORABLE.

And that's just the preview.

We'll leave the full-fledged film for another day (love you alliteration). Or just repeat all of these things 20 more times and walla--my brain. Is it walla, whalla, waaalaa? Spellchecker can be so disappointing. I should probably be packing something. No more trains!  Wwwwhhooa, it started to take over again. I think that's enough words for one blog post. And since anyone who actually reads this blog really only cares about one thing... here's a picture to prove that the adorableness of my son, is in fact, a reality.

Peace out Utah, you've been good to me. 

 photo DSC01798_zps3760295d.jpg

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