Monday, June 3, 2013

Sick Weekend

We took a sick weekend. Poor Darin has been sick for the past two weeks and his awful cough just won't seem to leave him. It would appear that Shae and I have finally decided to join in the party. Poor little boy was congested all weekend. Pretty hard on us, so naturally, we spoiled him and let him take all of his naps with us yesterday. (Well, we can't really spoil him with food or movies in bed yet so this seemed to be the next best thing considering he loves to sleep in our arms).

And boy did he sleep. He slept all morning. A couple hours with mommy and a couple hours with daddy. 
 photo DSC01667_zps24e84f5c.jpg

So let's just say, it was a pretty low-key weekend. Including:

~Harry Potter. I'm rereading the books for the first time since I was probably 11 (at least I was 11 when I read the first one...). Just finished the first book, so we watched the first movie. SO GOOD.

~A couple sessions of Stake Conference.

~Short family walk to the Farmer's Market down the street where we drooled over massive Nutella-filled crepes and loaves of fresh bread. We promised to go back when we get some $$. 

~Cleaning... no need to explain more there. But man, a clean house just feels good. It amazes me how the smallest act of vacuuming a carpet can make such a difference to the feel of a home.

~Anticipating the possibilities of what will happen if Darin gets one of the two jobs that he just finished the final interview processes with...and what might happen if he doesn't...

~Trying to add some more nutrition to our meals, we tried this Green Mac N' Cheese Recipe. Sadly, it wasn't as good as I had hoped (but I think it was my fault for using the wrong cheese and milk...).

~Lots and lots of college softball.

Annnd, that was our weekend. Exciting eh?

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