Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Family-Friend Holiday Weekend

Growing up, did you ever have what you referred to as family-friends? A family-friend in my mind was someone who was really good friends with my parents, really good friends before I could remember (or was even born in some cases). These aren't people that my mom was friends with in college and talks about but that I have never met. That would be "my mom's friend." Rather, a family friend is someone that was her friend, that has become my friend or in most cases I have become friends with this persons children. Do you follow? There are many of these family-friends in my life and when Darin asks me who they are, I say just that, "they are family-friends, we've known them since..." (aka: The Evans, Bullocks, Staceys, Criswells, Sperrys, to name a few). 

I really really hope that my kids refer to my close friends as some equivalent to what a family-friend is to me. I hope that my kids have memories of my friends and that they become friends with their children. I hope that they stop at some point and question whether my friends really are just friends or if they really are family, because after all, some friends are just that: family.

 photo DSC01629_zps36d5d9d1.jpg

Memorial day weekend was spent with said family-friends (I don't feel that it's necessary for my kids to start calling them that, I can start now right?). We started out the weekend with a nice barbecue up in Heber, followed by roasting of marshmallows and non-stop jibber-jabber, something we are oh-so good at doing.

 photo DSC01633_zps8e13aac3.jpg  photo DSC01634_zps09c71b6d.jpg  photo DSC01636_zpscf7e0fea.jpg  photo DSC01638_zpse47ba4f6.jpg

Monday we drove down to Spanish Fork and hiked up to some hot springs with the Rackhams.

Hiking Prep:
 photo DSC01642_zpsc00f9dbf.jpg

One kid ready:
 photo DSC01640_zps34e68e55.jpg 

One baby ready (and looking nice and sleepy already):
 photo DSC01641_zpsd18a9933.jpg

Hiking hiking hiking hiking, stopping in the shade for a moment, hiking hiking hiking:
 photo DSC01658_zps2c45a41f.jpg
We made it!
 photo DSC01644_zps05e52d50.jpg  photo DSC01649_zps537388d7.jpg photo DSC01645_zps63a0613f.jpg  photo DSC01652_zpse2d959fa.jpg 
What a beautiful family!
 photo DSC01653_zps37923019.jpg  photo DSC01655_zps540fcf47.jpg  photo DSC01656_zps46d9b2ee.jpg

Back to hiking hiking hiking hiking hiking:
  photo DSC01660_zps8b45845f.jpg 

And...we made it back. Don't we all wish that we could go on a hike like this?
 photo DSC01661_zps889d29bc.jpg

Fun weekend with some of our favorite people. The only way it could have been better would have been Darin's cough going away and the baby not waking up four times a night, two nights in a row (here's hoping that tonight is better). 

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  1. Love all the pictures! That hike looked like so much fun!