Friday, May 10, 2013


Limbo started today. As in, we no longer have jobs. Today was the last day that BYU would let us work since we aren't students anymore. Surely we have a future ahead of us, we just don't know what that future is yet. Surprisingly, we aren't as stressed out as I thought we might be. We both actually feel pretty calm and trust that everything will work out (we just keep praying that that's sooner rather than later). Darin has been applying to jobs like a mad man for the last two months and has had quite a few interviews these last two weeks. The interviews haven't turned into jobs yet, but they have turned into second interviews. I had an interview at a Language School here in Provo the other day as well so we're keeping our fingers crossed that something works out.

In order to enjoy fully of our "limbo" state, we decided to take a little vay kay and introduce our boy to the great state of Idaho.

For such a little guy, he really did make us stuff that car full. I promise he's in there.

 photo DSC01553_zps5694dbef.jpg

 photo DSC01552_zps4601968b.jpg

Did you find him? See, I told you he was there.

 photo DSC01554_zpsaa9dc3cc.jpg 
He did great on the three hour drive. Fell asleep right when we got on the freeway and didn't wake up until right when we were about to get off. 
 photo DSC01558_zps5dbf50e9.jpg 
We'll try our best to stay calm and patient as we wait... and have some fun while doing so.
 photo DSC01561_zps3eac86cb.jpg

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