Thursday, March 8, 2018

3rd Birthday

This sweet girl turned THREE on Sunday! 
It's been a bit confusing for her since we kept saying her birthday was after Shae's, but she still doesn't have much of a sense for time. She has asked pretty much everyday since Shae's birthday, "My brfday now?" This past week it was so cute to see her understand more and more that it was coming as she started getting cards/packages in the mail. Oh how her face would light up when we'd open the mailbox and there would be a card for her. "For me!" 

And all she wanted in the whole wide world was a ballerina party, as she so sweetly told us a thousand and one times in the weeks leading up to her birthday. We turned it in to a "Dress Up" party since she loves dressing up so much. 

Of course there was dancing. (Darin was a pirate--hard to tell without seeing the eye patch).
 I was a demonic butterfly.
 J/k j/k, just some crazy dance move that was caught on camera.

 There was, of course, storytelling. 

 And bean bag throwing.

 We played a game of charades where the kids got to act out different animals. At one point they all turned their hats into rhino horns and went after the butterfly. 

 I was so sad that my cake stand got shattered a few weeks before the kids birthdays. So a pizza pan had to substitute. I had also ordered Belén a little ballerina cake topper that didn't end up getting to us in time (it ended up arriving that afternoon!) So we grabbed a couple princesses and called it good. Love these little kids, they are so easy to please, (you know, most of the time).

  So fun throwing these little kid parties with my main squeeze. 
 We let her open up a few of her presents on Saturday (after changing in to a new costume of course).
All the kids had a blast dancing around to this CD from her aunt to finish off the party.
 Barely took any pictures on the actual day of her birthday...just a couple quick shots after church, waiting patiently to open her presents. 
 She got this Rapunzel hair from  my parents, I'm dying looking at these pictures. 

So stinkin' cute. But American's REAL next top model is definitely this one:

Ohhhh yesssss. Watch out world. 

We had a few friends over for dinner and cake that night. She had a blast running around with her little friends. It was the best to watching her glow with excitement on this special day. She's just the best.

Monday, March 5, 2018

January Little Things

Captain Underpants pajama birthday party for a friend from church. Those two in the middle in their cookies and milk jammies are pretty dang cute. 
 Just your ordinary dress up day.

Dusted off our Wii to play some sports games with the kids. Anything to keep them moving in our little apartment this cold cold winter. They were both totally sucked in to it.
 It felt like it was every other day that we would find Shae in strange sleeping positions when he was Belén's age. Belén on the other hand has always been a very straight-forward sleeper. She has only fallen out of bed once, while for a good few months we found Shae on the floor every single night. It was so sweet to find her in this position one night. Nothing too crazy, but different than normal. And of course I just can't get enough of a sleeping kid.

 Oh this day. Said goodbye to Darin as he took off for Indonesia and then had an awful dentist appointment with Shae in which he REFUSED to open his mouth for the dental hygienist. He has had his teeth cleaned a few times and never had any problems so I wasn't anticipating any issues. But man oh man was he difficult. He kept saying he didn't like the toothbrush and wouldn't budge his lips to let her in. All the talking and bribing in the world did nothing. It was one of those moments as a parent where I just had no idea what to do, like, I felt totally lost, thinking, "Where is my parent shoulder angel?! What am I supposed to do here!? Help!?" Like, do I physically hold his mouth open? Embarrassing to admit this, but I did try it and he started spitting on me and shaking his head. Totally uncharacteristic behavior of him! It was so weird. I finally just dropped the issue, stopped pushing him, and said we'd try again in six months. Who knows if that was the right thing to do. You tell me oh wise parent experts. Sometimes parenting is crazy.
 We had Belén go first hoping it would help Shae warm up, which it apparently didn't. Thankfully she was easy peasy and was kind to me that day. Let it be known that none of this girls teeth touch. No need to floss yet. 

 Proud rocket ship builder. 
 One day while leaving the Y, we walked past the raquetball courts and Shae was like, "Just a second mom, I need to watch this movie for a minute," then jumped up in the chair and became enthralled in a raquetball game.
 Shae took a fancy to this little lego that he calls Cowgirl Kate from the Cowgirl Kate and Coco series. I went in to give him one last kiss before going to bed myself and thought it was so darling to find her asleep on the top of the bed. She was definitely not there when I put him to bed.
 So many fun snow mountains to climb during outdoor play at preschool. (Also, we were pretty stoked to find that hat at our Ithaca thrift store for $1.99).
 Picture we sent to daddy from the Y to tell him that we wished he was with us swimming instead of in Indonesia. 
Shae wanted to cook something with all the snow on our balcony so I brought a big bowl of it inside and gave them some orange juice, marshmallows, and cheerios and told them to get to work.
 Here is Belén eating all the marshmallows out of her bowl, haha.
 He wasn't satisfied to just play with it and wanted to actually cook it to see what would happen, so we did.

 He made me taste it and it was disgusting. Do I get a best mom award or something? It seriously tasted like vomit.

 Found her like this one afternoon saying, "Hhhhmmm, where daddy?" 
 Went out for Vietnamese food with my good friend Thao for our final meeting. It has been so so fun tutoring her and I am just so sad that she is moving :(. 
 The kids loved this mini bounce house at our friend Peter's birthday party.
 He is constantly showing me his little lego creations and I love them (and him!) so much.
 Pete the Cat pajama story time at the library the night daddy came home. Belén LOVES the Pete the Cat books (as well as the Groovy Joe books and the Nut Family books which are by the same author and this is totally a plug to go check them out if you haven't because they are so good and you can download the songs/stories from their web-sites). She got all shy standing next to him, trying to wave, but was to scared too. It was so stinkin' cute.
 Then her shyness fled and she was all over him, pointing out all of his "groovy" buttons.

A few pics Darin texted me while gone:

Sending funny pictures back and forth with the kids during his travels.
 Lots of food pictures, and I mean, lots. Like, the daily check in was, "So, this is what I ate today."

 My seafood eating husband ate fish!

 The salad that destroyed his insides. That's what you get for seeking out some greens.

 Indonesian Pizza Hut pizza.
After the earthquake face. pictures reuniting with Darin because the kids were in bed and I just pulled up and picked him up real quick, but it was a fabulous reunion. We missed him ridiculously and were so happy to have him home!