Friday, May 24, 2013

You plan a trip, to Idaho, just to watch potatoes grow

Five years ago if someone had asked me what came to mind when I heard the word Idaho, I would have said:

First: Weird Al-Addicted to Spuds (Then I probably would have sung my favorite line of the song which I conveniently put as the title for this post).

Second: That kid song that goes "What did Ida-ho boys? What did Ida-ho? What did Ida-ho boys? What did Ida-ho? (Anyone else enjoy that song growing up?) I didn't realize this till just now thinking about it, but the next line is "She hoed her Mary-land boy, she hoed her Mary-land." haha! Ironic?

If you ask me what comes to mind today when I hear the word Idaho, my answer might be slightly different.  I would probably say things like: The place where the love of my life was born and raised, Park lane, Butterbeersburrs, Malad pass, Atomic City, weekend vacations, falling in love, fun drives... Weird Al...what did Ida-ho boys, what did Ida-ho? (those two would def still make the list).

Last week, my relationship with Idaho hit a new high. I saw a new side of Idaho that I had only before heard so much about. Potatoes. That's right folks, we went to the Potato Museum and I became an Idaho potato expert.

I was confused why Darin wasn't as excited as I was to put on the Idaho potato pin (and then was later informed that he already had lots of them from school). We were given a delicious little carton of hash browns (which my husband apparently doesn't know how to say correctly) and instead of using a plastic bag to put the souvenirs in, they put them in a potato sack! Clever.

 photo DSC01602_zpse2f08b6a.jpg  photo DSC01604_zps28b87cc5.jpg 

All the different potato mashers! So cool. Darin finally agrees that what we have in the kitchen drawer that I use to mash potatoes is in fact, a potato masher. (Finally!)
 photo DSC01607_zps815d76cf.jpg  photo DSC01608_zpsd879d2d6.jpg 
After the museum we were craving potatoes like no other. Thank goodness for this cute little hamburger dig right around the corner. Blackfoot is clearly a small town because right when we walked in, a man pulled Darin aside and said, "I heard you say this is your first time. You've gotta get the..." Aren't small towns just adorable?
 photo DSC01609_zps5c889a13.jpg

Oh Idaho, our relationship is just coming right along.

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  1. I've lived in Idaho for so many years and have never been to that museum. I have been to Rupes several times!!