Friday, February 1, 2013

39 Weeks

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If I look a little tired and sickly in that first picture, it's because I am. Sleeping has gotten much harder this last week. I'm not so sure what could have changed so drastically in a week, but I swear I wake up just about every hour. It hasn't helped that I've had a bit of a cold which makes breathing hard. Also, like I previously mentioned, the numbness in my hands is ridiculous at night. I'm learning how to lay my hands to keep them comfortable and I'm starting to just get used to it but there are still frustrating moments here and there. The last two nights have actually been much better (thank goodness!). Darin has been so helpful trying to get me into a comfortable position, many nights sacrificing his own body for me to push up against his in order to be comfortable. He's been so sweet. 

I get these crazy urges to write in my journal every day because, who knows, this could be THE DAY, or THE LAST DAY before it happens and I need to record every single thing that I was feeling/doing on THAT DAY. Not that things really change that much from day to day but I just want to be prepared, to remember. 

People keep asking me if I'm at "that point" where I just want the baby out. Apparently all women hit "that point," at least that's what I'm sensing from all these questions. I think I'm just about there. I really have enjoyed being pregnant. It's been a fun experience and luckily I've been super healthy. But I'm definitely getting anxious to meet my baby. There are so many different emotions going through me right now, but more and more I'm just excited. 

Today is February 1st. I woke up in such a good mood today because of that. It's February! I've been anticipating this month for far too long.

My mom is on a bus right now on her way to come be with us. She will arrive tomorrow. It's so weird knowing that my mom will be here so soon. Makes it THAT MUCH more real. 

Seems like this phase really is winding down and we could have a baby sometime soon. The doctor seems to think I'll probably have to be induced because my body isn't progressing much. We'll see (come on body!). All I know is, I will have a baby in less that two weeks no matter what my body does and I'm pretty dang excited about that. 

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