Thursday, January 31, 2013

January Snow

Why has my facebook exploded with angry comments about all the beautiful snow we have received the past two days? Seriously, on Tuesday I almost flipped out at every status I read about how "annoying this snow is" and "okay Utah, enough." (okay, so I didn't "almost" flip out, I did flip my head and in conversations to my husband mind you. Good thing I couldn't find my camera chord until today and have had some time to calm down). 

I just want the world to know that snow in January is NORMAL. It should be snowing in January! It's supposed to happen. If you don't like it, move south for goodness sake. Why can't we just enjoy the beauty of it. Everyone gets so excited for that first snow fall and after that...poor snow...he's hated on terribly and all anyone can talk about is when they can put their flip-flops and capris on. Happens every year. I don't mind if you start complaining come April, I'll even give you March to start anticipating the drives with the windows down, the sun shining bright and kids selling lemonade on the street, but AT LEAST wait until March. 

"Can't wait till WE get to pull out our golf clubs and start playing in the sun," the weather man said the other day. Ugh, PUHLEASE. There are four seasons. Let's enjoy them. I understand the dangers of driving in the snow, sometimes even walking in the snow. The sicknesses that go around. I get it. But isn't the snow beautiful! And all the great wintery things that come with it. Hot oatmeal in the morning. Frothy hot chocolate in the afternoon. Steamy chili in the evening. Bubble baths, candles, sledding, snow fights, gorgeous Utah mountains. Definitely not as enjoyable without the snow. 

I'll stop there. I just felt the need to tell everyone that I might have been one of the few people that enjoyed the snow we received on Tuesday and Wednesday, and I wouldn't start complaining if we got more next week. There, now you know. Now I can sleep at night (just kidding! shouts the baby).

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Happy Snow Days!

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