Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

When I left for my mission to Argentina, a friend told me that there would be a lot of super highs as well as super lows. His suggestion for me was to take a picture, a picture of the good AND the bad. It's really easy to take pictures of the good/happy moments, but I really liked that he told me to take a picture of the bad as well. He told me that some day, I'd be able to look back at those pictures and laugh, as well as be grateful that those moments are in the past. I took his advice seriously which is why I have pictures of me and an apple full of worms, walking in rain water up to my mid calf, flooded apartment, super sweaty blouses, etc. (along with hundreds of special/happy moment pictures as well). 

I've decided to stretch his suggestion to parenthood as well. My plan is to document it all --the good, and the bad--with hopes that someday we can look back with a smile on ALL of it.

It all came out of no where this past week. Leaky diapers, leaky milk, wet blankets, wet clothes, wet beds, wet wet wet, which = laundry laundry laundry.

 photo DSC01093_zpsc500daae.jpg 

We've seen this time of the morning much more these past two weeks than we ever have in our lives previously. Definitely not my favorite time of the day. People say it won't always be like this. Really? Do they really sleep at night at some point? I don't want to get my hopes up.
 photo DSC01102_zpsf001ccde.jpg 

The long nights can feel never-ending. The wet EVERYTHING can be frustrating. However, it's moments like these that make me smile. That remind me why I wanted to be a mom. That make me feel like it's all worth it. That make me want to keep going, no matter how tired and wet I get. 

My boys are pretty precious, aren't they?
 photo DSC01107_zps29c4dabf.jpg


  1. love love love it. who told you that advice before left? that is a good idea. i love the picture of darin and shae. so sweet. sleeping babies are the best.

  2. Oh, how I remember the newborn days. It does get better, I promise! The first six weeks are the hardest. And by the way, constant nursing sessions are totally normal the first six weeks. If anyone tells you to schedule feeds at this point, don't listen. I did, and Kate ended up losing weight and I nearly lost my supply. Thankfully, we caught it early enough that we were able to remedy it.

    Sorry for the novel :) Shae is adorable by the way.

  3. That last picture is pretty stinkin sweet. Oddly enough even though this stage is the hardest you will miss it when it's over (probably because with how sleep deprived you are you don't really remember it). Congrats on the newest addition to your family he is super cute and very ovbiously loved.