Monday, February 4, 2013

Mama Arrives...

MY mom that is. Not me. Not yet. But soon! Hopefully.

Mom got here yesterday after being on a bus for two days. She's a trooper. Here's a picture to prove it. 
 photo DSC00943_zpsa08ada43.jpg 

We wasted no time welcoming her to the college life and made our way to the BYU Basketball game that night. She had fun reminiscing on all the events that she atteneded at the Marriot Center years (just a couple really) earlier.
 photo DSC00945_zps2b92a890.jpg  photo DSC00950_zps43db700e.jpg
 photo DSC00954_zpsac27849c.jpg
Name that apostle
 photo DSC00956_zpsb2c73765.jpg

Okay baby boy, you now have EVERYONE'S permission to make your grand appearance. We're all waiting and ready for you. 

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