Friday, June 13, 2014

Strawberries, Blueberries and Peacocks--Oh My!

Yesterday's post quite possibly gave off a sense of me disliking summer...and you would be right to have sensed that. You can imagine my anguish in thinking about what Shae and I are going to do all summer. We definitely can't hide inside under an air condition vent all summer. We could go to the pool, or beach, or sit in a bowl of water everyday...and we just might, but thankfully we have awesome friends that know about all the cool ins and outs around here and they are kind enough to take me along...even though I complain about how sweaty and hot I am the entire time...

A few weeks ago we drove down the street to Jamestown, jumped on the ferry (which is free, which is awesome), crossed the James River, made our way to College Run Farms, picked us some strawberries, jumped back on the ferry and went home. It was such a fun outing! And delicious. The strawberries were divine, as was the homemade strawberry ice cream that they sell. 

Shae figured out the pick and eat routine quite quickly.

I take that back... pick-blow-eat. Yes, that's how it goes. We don't just blow on hot food around here, we blow on ALL food.

A few weeks later we went with a different friend to pick a different fruit. Last week of strawberry picking, first week of blueberries. Bring on the blueberry pancakes!

Shae liked the blueberries just as much as he liked the strawberries. Even the green, unripe ones...

Let me tell you, we thought it was hot when we picked strawberries, uh-uhn. It was SO HOT when we picked blueberries. Shae was dripping sweat, from standing in one place picking blueberries for 15 minutes! Yeah, it was hot hot hot. The poor kid didn't know what to do with himself but let his body pass out the second we got in the car.

Another fun place we explored two weeks ago was Bluebird Gap Farm, also free which was again awesome. They had tons of different animals, a huge playground, a massive garden area that you could walk through...I was very impressed.

The heat didn't knock him out as quickly this time around.

But a cool bath to clean off in after the days fun is always a must. 

Looks like we have a lot of places to take grandma in the next two weeks.

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