Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Wrap-Up

Time to finish up with the vacation pictures and move on with life.

Here's a bunch of random pictures from our trip that I just couldn't find a way to fit into their own post, so they all get to share one big one. (Aka: A bunch of pictures of Shae because I love him and can't get enough of him and am totally THAT mom).

Shae had a lot of fun exploring every nook and cranny of Amelia's apartment. We learned that wooden spoons make good cupboard locks and sadly that little plant to the left no longer has that lone branch sticking out of it because someone felt it didn't belong. Also, I can't get over how straight Shae's hair is in these pictures! We both loved what Utah did for our hair (Then again, maybe he prefers the curls...I'll take the sleek, smooth straightness any day over the puffy, sweaty mess that lives a top my head these days).


He could have played in this reflection pool all day.

"You see, THIS is how you push a handcart."

Spent some time at the duck pond south of campus before braving the death stairs with the wee one. (And I thought it took ME a long time to climb those steps...)

Let the journey begin

We made it! And the view looks pretty dang good
He was a great help to daddy while fixing Grandma's sprinklers. And oh those we love them.

Doing laundry at Amelia's was quite possibly one of the coolest things he has ever seen.


 I'm kicking myself for not getting more pictures of him with Amelia but here they are facetiming with Grandma. Shae really only cared about pushing the buttons on the phone.

Drove past the new Provo temple. It's come a long way since last summer.

After sharing a room with this boy for almost two weeks at Amelia's, we decided that it was time to separate and stuck him in the downstairs unfinished bathroom at Grandma's house. That might make us sound like terrible parents but we like to think of it as a win for all since it was pitch black down there which meant that he wasn't going to be waking up at 5:45am as the sunshine crept in, which of course meant that WE weren't going to be waking up at 5:45am to see his face staring at us over the top of the pack n' play wanting to play. Win, win win. Honestly, the pitch black room was tempting, I partially wanted to join him. I mean look at this little body. He's OUT. Does it get any better than that?

And this is what traveling the red eye with a 15 month old looks like. 

"Why am I awake?"

And now we're home, vacation is done, but the fun doesn't seem to have left us.

The End.

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