Wednesday, June 4, 2014

F Words

Family. Friends. Food.

Life is (almost) complete when you have those three things. (Add in religion, air conditioning and Hugh Jackman and we'll call it good).

My last few post were all about the family fun we on to friends and food. 

We still have so many good friends living in the valleys of Utah and we were actually able to see almost all of them. Unfortunately we didn't get picture with all of them (The Selway's, Sister McDonald and Bullocks, Lance and Sarah, Bric and Elora, Sunshine and Tori...I'm really kicking myself for not getting a picture of Shae and Tori since they were born so close together and Sunshine and I went through pregnancy together).

And the lucky dogs who do get to have their faces pictured on the blog:

Rackhams and Nystuls
The Colliers
Ella, Vini and Toni. This was the best picture out of the handful that I took. Tells you a lot about the other pictures right? Sorry Ella!

Darin's MPP folk
There are still a few other people from my mission and my program that I would have loved to see but getting the flu bug set us back a bit and you can only do so much when you feel like there is a knife stuck in your stomach (Your welcome for the great visual there).

We are so so so blessed to have such amazing friends. Seriously. You guys are all AWESOME and we love you all to death and want you all to move to Virginia! Or at least come visit.

Almost as much as we love our friends...we love good food. We agreed that one of our first meals in Utah would be at SLAB. We LOVE this place. Our first apartment was right down the street from this little pizza place which wasn't so good for our wallets but was oh so so so good for our bellies.

Just pretend there is a big juicy slab of Chile Verde Pizza sitting in front of these beautiful boys. To. Die. For.

A must-have on Darin's list was good, authentic Mexican food. That's hard to come by in Southern Virginia so we weren't about to let that opportunity pass us by. We found a nice restaurant close to where we were staying in American Fork called El Mexiquense (still can't figure out how to say that...). Darin partook of his beloved tacos, I enjoyed a massive slab of Milanesa and Shae threw everything we gave him on the floor. Doesn't get much better than that.

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