Monday, June 16, 2014

Chocolate Lips

Lately when cooking, Shae cannot stand the fact that he is too short to see what is going on on the stove top or the counter.  He pulls at the counter...or usually me...until I plop him up on the counter or bring a chair in for him to stand on. It's not necessarily the most stress-free cooking since his "cooking" really implies rearranging the silverware drawer. On top of that, he still doesn't fully have the concept of standing on a chair down and at any second during our cooking extravaganza could go flying right off the edge, thus my eyes go from the food to him and back and forth again at an impressively fast rate. But putting all that aside, it has been so fun to have him in the kitchen with me.

There were many reasons that I was excited to start having kids. The list of things that I want to do with my kids is a pretty big one and even though I've had a kid for 16 months now, I've learned that there is only so much that they can really do  with you in those first couple years (and I don't mean strapped to you in a Moby get what I'm saying). Cooking is at the top of that list, and although Shae really didn't do  much of the actual cooking it's been fun to have him in their with me and to see his face light up when the kitchen aid starts turning or when he gets to sprinkle some grated cheese on the eggs (which he does once and then immediately starts eating the grated cheese). 

The first thing that I brought the chair in for him to actually "help" me with was of course Chocolate Chip Cookies. It was seriously one of those amazing fun mom moments that goes down in the history of awesome feelings you get as a mom with your kid that you never want to forget. In order to never forget, as soon as the cookies were done, we sat on the kitchen floor and ate the hot cookies and took some pictures so that we always remember our awesome, sweet, very first cooking experience together.



Now go make yourself some Chocolate Chip Cookies. You can never eat too many.

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