Wednesday, June 11, 2014

This Kid

We are so in love with our boy right now. I guess we've felt this way about every phase and cool new thing he does, but no, really, we're SO in love with him right now. He just doesn't seem like a baby anymore and is a kid, a toddler, a little boy. He cracks us up on the daily. He's a goof and we are LOVING it. He's also understanding (some) things better, putting 2 and 2 together, like the keys go in the door, we wave bye-bye to EVERY car and wave hello to EVERY person we see at the grocery store, if mommy and daddy kiss then I have to kiss too, we say thank you when we hand people things (kind of backwards but still adorable), etc. etc. etc.

He was so funny the first few days back from vacation because of how excited he was about all of his toys. It was like he had never seen them before. I think a two week vacation is necessary about, oh, every two weeks just so that he can be this enthralled with his toys over and over again (and entertain himself! only lasted a day or two, but it was glorious).

He wanted to be put in his bouncer which he hasn't used in MONTHS. (He looks so big to me in this thing!):

He all of a sudden knows how to use this toy that we tried to get him to play with for so long and all he could do was close the little animal lids:

He can mount this little boat and his Thomas train, all by himself! Totally couldn't do that before we left on vacation. Next step, make it move by pushing off with his feet:

He felt the need to "read" every single one of his books again:

And this one I love, he is SO into his stuffed animals. He has always loved his stuffed animals but he tries to pick them all up and wants all of them with him whiles he's playing. It's too cute.

Watching TV with daddy

We just can't get enough of this kid. 16 months is looking pretty good.

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