Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Saturday Is a Special Day, It's the Day We Say Bye to the Escort

Let's talk about Saturday. 

I was looking forward to this day for quite sometime. We planned to travel up to MD for my nephew's first birthday party. The last time I saw my brother was at his wedding in 2011 and I have never met my nephew before, needless to say, I was excited to see them. Plus, my family was going to be coming down from PA and it's always nice see them. 

Everything was going really well on the drive up. Shae was finally looking like he might fall asleep. Our audio book was entertaining...and then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, we saw a huge piece of metal in the middle of our lane. We were driving down a super busy I-495 around D.C. so there was nowhere to go but forward. It all happened so quickly, we saw it, we drove over it, it clanked around under the car for a second before shooting out from under us and hitting the car behind us. We pulled over as quickly and as safely as possible, realize that fuel is pouring out from under the car, get Shae out as quickly as we can and back away from the car. Then it hit us what had just happened, as cars continued to pull over behind us having been hit by the same thing.

We later learned that it was a trailer hitch. A pretty big one at that. It did quite a bit of damage that day.

This was the car that got hit right after us. They said it was a rental that they had just  driven out of the lot.

And there's our little Escort. Little did we know that Saturday would be our last time driving it. 

After what felt like hours on the side of 495 with a toddler who just wanted to get down and play, the tow truck came, Darin's aunt came and saved us and even let us use her car to get up to MD and life went on. 

We may have been three hours late to the party but we made it, and we even had a good time. Here's proof:

After Shae finished his cake, he went after Rylan's but instead ended up getting his forks stolen.

His Uncle's mauled him, and he loved it. 


It was so fun to see the cousin together! Even though they had no idea what all the craziness was about.

Shae really isn't into this sharing thing. Way overrated. 

Picture courtesy of Philip

After the party we took a quick trip to our old house on Misty Lake ct. We went down to the "misty" lake itself and reminisced on all the good times we spent there growing up.

I'm super super sad about our car. I have had it for nine years now. It has been SUCH a good car to me and holds so many memories, from graduating high school to college dance parties/adventures to marriage to bringing home my baby. I'm definitely going to miss it and am grateful for how reliable she has been to me and my family. I'm frustrated that we are going to have to spend so much money buying a new car. I'm irritated that we had JUST filled up our tank of gas. I wish we could go back in time and leave an hour later, or be in a different lane. But through everything I feel about the car incident from Saturday, I really just feel overwhelmingly blessed that we weren't hurt in ANY way. It's moments like those that really make you take a step back and appreciate life. I love these boys to death and I can't imagine how difficult it would be to live without them by my side. Cars and money come and go. They can be replaced, other things can't be.

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  1. That was a tough deal with the car. You can almost put the traffic at the back of your mind, when looking at something like that and thinking what it would have been like for its drivers and passengers to lose their mode of transportation that way, to not say anything about injuries which may have been acquired ), Gl we can wish only the best for those guys, who ought to find closure to this episode of their lives as soon as possible.

    Faith Brady @ Law Office of Kim Hunter