Thursday, June 30, 2016

Finishing Up Toronto

On our last day in Toronto, Amelia first took us to one of the churches that was in an area she served in for 9 months. I have yet to go back to my mission, but I can only imagine how special it would be to be back in one of the churches/areas that I served in. I loved that Amelia took us here because I can only imagine the special feelings she has when she comes back here. It was fun to imagine little missionary Amelia walking through the halls greeting people and speaking EspaƱol. 

Let's get a closer look at these sweet faces.

Shae got to play "teacher" in one of the rooms for a little bit and taught us a few letters.

We drove around a little bit, which I love because you get to see so much of the day to day city that way. 

We stopped at China Town and got out and walked around for a bit. 

I know I've been saying how much I loved everything in each post I do, so I doubt it will come across as a surprise that I loved China town.

 It really felt like we were in a different country (I mean, besides already being in a different country...).

We stopped at this amazing little baked goods shop and grabbed a few things. Besides everything tasting delicious, it all cost us like $1.50! After processing how little we had spent I just wanted to walk right back in and grab more...but I didn't (saving room for Chilean empanadas which I knew were coming later).

After China Town, the final place we decided to check out before heading out of town was Kensington Market. On the way there (on foot), we stopped at the public library to let Darin rest his poor ankle that is just too stubborn to heal...and let me nerd out with excitement of being in a public library in a different country.

Kensington Market was a busy, fun neighborhood filled with all kinds of multicultural shops and places to eat. I was so excited about trying the Chilean empanadas that Amelia mentioned were in the neighborhood. They were sooo good. Took me right back.

While the empanadas were easily the highlight of Kensington Market, the crowd of 100 or so bikers that rode down the street COMPLETELY naked was up there as well. Shae: "Mommy, where's their clothes?" It was apparently an oil protest that has happened yearly for a few years now. City life. You never know what you might see.

And with that we left Toronto and headed back to New York (with a stop at Niagra Falls).

Such a beautiful city. So glad that Amelia had the idea to go up there while she was in Niagra for her conference. And I didn't get a picture of all the Wunderbars that we brought back with us, but it was A LOT. Beeessssttt cannnndddyy barrrrr eevvverrrr.

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