Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Water Fun with the Meldrums

Our great buddies from Williamsburg made a special trip up to Ithaca to visit us last weekend. We absolutely love these guys and couldn't have been happier to see them. We packed in as many fun things as we could in the two days they were with us (and of course stayed up waaaay later than we should have playing games, because that's just what we do). 

We explored a bit of Cornell, but since it was graduation weekend, we didn't stay too long because there were people EVERYWHERE. We climbed the bell tower for the chimes concert and left halfway through because it was completely packed, half the stairs on the way back down were even full of people. We went to the Farmers Market mid-day on Saturday and enjoyed yummy Cuban and Cambodian food. Mostly we played in water because it was a HOT weekend. We only have a little A.C. unit in our apartment so water was the solution to all of our problems.

We had hoped to do a little hike at Taughannock Falls State Park, but when we got there we saw that the hike was closed off. We were pretty bummed, but quickly found a spot down in the water at the entrance to the hike to play in. We quickly began a skipping rocks competition as this location had the flattest, most perfect skipping rocks I have ever seen.


This girl has a special place in my heart after babysitting her for a good 9 months. I just love seeing these two buddies play together.

Belén was loving the water until she fell in face first and just couldn't shake it.

The next day, before going to the Farmer's Market, we went to Stewart Park (or Stupid Park as Shae calls it). I had completely forgotten about the splash pad at the park since it has been turned off all winter, but it was on, just in time for the heat to hit. Darin ran home to get swim suits and the kids were ever so grateful.


After lunch and naps, we had to get out of the heat again so we made our way over to Flat Rock. That place is just the greatest toddler water play zone. The water never gets too deep or too fast, but it is still deep enough to enjoy and fast enough in some areas to let it move you. The kids (and parents) had a blast.

Belén was content to babysit the baby and play with her ladles all afternoon.

While Flav was all about this:
 No fear, that girl was all over the water, throwing herself in all over the place. It was so fun to watch her.

So pleased to be the babysitter while the big kids play. Babies watching babies, so cute.

Shae really enjoyed playing in an area of the water where the current had some force. He would sit down and let the water move him down the stream. 

Loved meeting this precious little baby. She is the sweetest.

Love this family! Can't wait till we get to party again.

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