Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Priesthood Restoration Site

Amelia's sole request while she was here was to visit the new Priesthood Restoration site. We have been wanting to visit as well so it worked out perfectly. We feel so lucky to live in a place filled with so much church history.

The vistor's center was very nice. Before going on the tour, we watched a very well done movie that gave us an overview of some parts of Joseph, Emma, and Oliver Cowdery's lives while living here. Shae had a lot of fun with this wheel, trying to get the horse and wagon to their final destination.

We took a short tour of Emma and Joseph's house and Emma's parents house. 

Learning some valuable laundry skills. 

While Belén tries to run away with the carrots.

I thought it was so interesting that the church had the highway moved so that they could build these restored homes. The road in the below picture used to be the highway! 

Tour Guide: "As we go into the Hale home, we ask that you not touch anything."
My head: "We will not be staying in the Hale home for very long."

After the tour of the houses we were left to walk around on our own. We visited the cemetary were Joseph and Emma buried their first child and where Emma's parents were buried.

We then visited the wooded area where it is believed that the Joseph and Oliver received the Aaronic Priesthod.

We were all very impressed with how well done this site was. It was a very nice visit. 

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