Thursday, June 23, 2016

Hiking Watkins Glen

I love love loved this hike. Easily one of the prettiest hikes I've been on (definitely makes my top three favorite hike list along with Angel's Landing and a hike that I did in Chile with the most stunning view at the top). 

At the trail head there was a sign saying that there were a little over 800 steps on the hike. Amelia and Darin made bets as to how many Shae would climb. While he didn't climb all of them, he climbed a lot of them, more than any of us had anticipated. His little legs really did great.

Love Shae's little hand sticking out there.

 Belén might not have had the best view...


Again, so happy to have Amelia there, and not only because she helped carry the load :)

We made it to the top in pretty good time and had a little picnic and played on the park before turning around and going back down.

Apparently Belén did not enjoy this as much as Shae and I.

We weren't able to complete the hike without a tantrum (sadly), as one ensued due to the fact that we turned off of this forest trail down and got back on the pretty gorge trail. Shae did NOT like this decision and made it known to us and everyone else around us. You just can't spring those types of changes on a three year old, you really can't.

(Cracks me up seeing Shae in this little carrier, haha, but it worked when needed)

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