Monday, June 13, 2016

Special Visit from Aunt Amelia

We were so excited to have Aunt Amelia come visit a week and a half ago. Shae got to stay up late to greet her when she came and he could not have been more excited. When he finally went to bed that night he made sure to tell her to stay in the living room and not go anywhere so that they could play the next day.

Shae really wanted to take her to the Science Center, so that is what we did.
Still working on that reaction time.

The bloodsucker exhibit is now an exhibit all about motion. Shae had a blast running around putting all the balls on different tracks.

That afternoon/evening we made our way downtown for the Ithaca Festival parade. We read online how big this parade was (that 8,000 people attended the previous year), and it really was big. The street was completely packed. Luckily, we got there early enough to lay a blanket down and stake out our spot while we walked around looking at the vendors, crafts, and dancers. We also made sure to grab some creamy mac & cheese, hot dogs, and delicious falafal pitas.

Belén and I walked around checking out people while waiting for the parade to start because...she's 15 months and the last thing she wanted to do was sit on a blanket and wait for 45 minutes for a parade to start.

This is how she felt when we actually did put her on the blanket to wait.

When we got in the car after the parade Shae exclaimed, "That was SO cool!" It was a little long for me (again, mom to a 15 month old busy girl), but Shae sat and watched the entire thing. The participants gave Amelia a good taste of Ithaca (solar power, veganism, volvos and tutus, tons of preschools and montessori schools, Green Star Natural Foods grocery store,etc.)

I sure was glad that Amelia was there to help me with the kids since Darin was off at a conference in Michigan. The kids were every more happy to have her around to pamper them. They sure do love that special aunt. (I loved hearing Shae call her "Aunt Amelia," not just "Amelia" like he used to but AUNT Amelia. She would often respond, "Yes nephew Shae."

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