Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Family Camping Trip

After going to the Priesthood Restoration Site, we drove over to Watkins Glen to camp for the night. We bought a tent the previous week after finding a really good sale and wanted to put it to use. Plus, after receiving it, Shae could not stop talking about camping so we had to let the little man have his camping moment, and he loved it.


Looking for sticks to help get a fire going.

We roasted up some hot dogs, but she was a little impatient...

Hummus face! This girl and her hummus. 

Shae prefers M&Ms.

Smore time! There is nothing like eating smores around a campfire in summer. Just feels right.

The night was a little rough (which was to be expected given the age our children). Belén did not like the idea of sleeping in the tent and just cried and cried. We could get her to sleep in our arms but the second we put her down she would wake up crying again. It was newborn baby all over again. Shae was just too giddy to sleep. We tried playing some games but finally just had to call it a night because the kids weren't going to sleep if we weren't sleeping, so we all climbed in to the tent. Shae and Amelia slept in the air mattress and Belén ended up on the ground with us (even though we had her pack n' play). I don't know how long it took Darin to fall asleep but both Amelia and I were up for hours not being able to fall asleep. Oh the joys of camping. So great, but kind of not great too.

Needless to say, we were all pretty tired the next day. 

One of the few ways that we could get this busy girl to sit still and not wander in to the woods. This lasted for about 5 minutes.

Lighting the morning fire.

 Our campground had a really nice playground that we played in while Darin and Amelia packed up camp.

So glad that Amelia was with us as it made the work load quite a bit easier...and because it was just more fun! Hiking pictures to come!

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