Sunday, June 26, 2016

Baseball in Toronto

Just saw this pic from the day before our camp out. We were testing out batteries in our flashlights at the same time Shae was testing out his computer letter skills and this is what we ended up with:

Our day in between camping and leaving for Toronto we did a few chill things around town to show Amelia a bit more of what we love about Ithaca. We started the day by going to story time at the library.

Then we took her to campus and walked around for a bit. We went to the Sage Chapel and the Uris library. We also went to the art museum just for a few minutes so that we could see the "sprinkles" (lights) on the ceiling up close and the laser room. Belén just stood in the laser room unsure what to do. It was pretty funny to watch her reaction when we made her walk through them.

This is the cool bench they had under the sprinkles at the art museum. 

Sage chapel.

The cool Harry Potter room in the library.

The next day we headed out for Canada! Darin's first time out of the country (and the kids). Woo woo!

The last hour of the drive was really pretty. I thought it was so cool that you could see the city far off in the distance, with the lake right next to it, it was really beautiful. 

Driving in to the city!

After planning this trip with Amelia I looked up the Blue Jays schedule and they were miraculously playing the Orioles, so of course we had to go. We took the subway downtown. The walk to the subway station and from the station to the stadium felt super long since we forgot to bring Belén's carrier. Shae walked most of the way there but we ended up carrying both of them most of the way home since it was so late and they were tired.

There was this random Haribo gummy bear dude outside that Shae realllllly wanted to see. 

 Shae made getting a picture with Aunt Amelia super easy....jumping all over the place.

Belén killin' it in this old 90s O's shirt that my younger siblings wore.

We didn't have any O's stuff for Shae so this orange swim suit is what he got to wear. (My mom was in Baltimore a few days later and made sure to stop at Walmart and grab the kids some O's stuff, so we'll be ready for the next game).

Although the entire time we were at the game Shae seemed confused as to why we weren't wearing blue clothes, like everyone else. He was even rooting for the Blue Jays throughout the game and people around him were like, "Yeah kid! You got it!" 

Hot Dogs!

Taking this busy 15 month old lady to a 7 p.m. baseball game was a little crazy. But we made it work by taking turns each inning taking her out to the concession area where she walked around and played on the pay phones and walked around some more.

I honestly didn't expect much out of the stadium because watching the O's play at Toronto were some of my least favorite games growing up because of the astro turf. They still play on turf, but it looks soooo much better than the astro turf and the overall stadium was actually really nice. And pretty amazing with the CN tower right there.

We are not usually ones to leave a ballgame early, but kids do wild things to you. We made it through the 7th inning stretch so that we could sing Take Me Out to the Ball Game and then we left--a tied game! The things we do for our kids. The O's ended up winning :).

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