Sunday, July 3, 2016

Niagra Falls

The whole reason that we even got to see Amelia was because she had a conference for work in Niagra Falls. She extended her trip to visit us in Ithaca and then it turned in to a quick trip to Toronto, because Niagra was so close, so why not. 

We just spent one night in Niagra Falls before heading back home. Amelia was super sweet and watched the kids for us (and let us sleep in her hotel room...) so that we could go explore the falls on our own (a late anniversary date). 

We did the Cave of the Winds tour after my mom gave it such a rave review. 

They gave us these super attractive sandals to wear. 

And these great ponchos, that actually did do quite a lot to keep us dry (Darin realized after taking his off and getting SOAKING wet).


Nice little water in the eyes selfie 

You could see all these little rainbows all over which was pretty cool. 

The view from above after we had finished the "tour." The tour was cool because we got to be so close to the water which was fun, but I think I expected more out of a cave. 

I think I just expected more out of Niagra Falls in general. Probably because on my mission everyone compared Iguazu Falls to Niagra Falls (granted, they always said that "Iguazu is like Niagra, but way better." Which I get now).  

I just didn't realize that Niagra Falls was right there in town, surrounded by hotels, and restaurants, and casinos. Iguazu was much bigger, but it was also surrounded by nature, rather than buildings, which made it even prettier. 

Sorry for being a waterfall snob. In fact, Darin is in the kitchen making dinner mocking me now for posting the above pictures saying, "I'm Brillante and I'm cool because I've been to Iguazu and I'm going to hate on America's greatest landmark." So much love.

While we were off at the falls, Amelia took the kids to the Days Inn in the background of the below picture because the pool at our hotel was out of commission. They had these big bounce houses as an apology though, so the kids were happy. 

There was no nursery at the ward we went to Sunday morning so we went back to the hotel and let the kids bounce for a while before saying good-bye and going home.

On the way home, Shae kept asking where Aunt Amelia was and saying that we needed to go back and get her. He loved having her around to give him all the attention and love in the world. Really, we all loved having her around for the very same reason. She's the best and we're so glad that we get to see her again at the end of the month! (Infact, whenever we talk about going to Ibu's house Shae makes sure to add on, "AND Aunt Amelia's!"

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