Monday, July 11, 2016

Museums in Ann Arbor

We've been putting our Ithaca Science Center membership to use while out here in Michigan. It is SO nice that they do the reciprocal membership program which allows us to get in to so many museums for free. It was a good year to have it with all the traveling we've been doing.

The kids LOVE the Ann Arbor Hands On Museum. I must say, the preschool and under room at this museum is WAY cooler than the one at our Science Center in Ithaca. The kids could play with this ball exhibit forever.

They love collecting balls and then finding different places that suck them up and roll them around.

There's so much to do in here! 

"Mom, I want to be a skeleton too."

I'd be happy to spend an hour or two in the preschool area, but of course whenever we go Shae MUST see and touch and play with everything else that the "big" kids play with too.

This was a pretty fun exhibit that we found on one of the higher floors last time we were there where the kids got to move and dance around and see themselves on screen.

Playing the harp, but really, SNACK TIME.

This place is so huge! We didn't even see this ambulance room until the last time we were there (third time).

We checked out the University of Michigan's Natural History Museum over the 4th of July weekend (I forgot to put that in my 4th of July post...). We were literally there for 20 minutes. There wasn't anything kid specific (besides cool dinosaur skeletons!) and after seeing those, the kids got cranky quick, so we sped walked the rest of the museum and got out of there. One of those places that would be fun for Darin and I to go back to without kids.

Have I mentioned how busy Belén is these days? She was ALL over the place.

Apparently daddy was the only one who really got in to the rowing exercise. 

The kids had more fun eating snacks and playing in the grass and flowers outside. Go figure.

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