Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Michigan Randoms

Finishing off some random pics from our time in Michigan...

Drove up to the Detroit temple one evening. It ended up not being the most calming experience as traffic was awful and my phone (GPS) died when I was 5 minutes away from the temple. So I ended up missing the endowment session. I was able to participate in some sealings and was the only person in the Celestial Room when I went which was quite nice, so it was still a good visit in the end :).

 We waited outside the church for 25 minutes one Friday morning to do Zumba and no one ever came...I found out later it was cancelled...Shae kept busy taking pictures...

 "Mom, I don't want to put shorts on, I just want to play with no shorts." So he did.

 The school pride here! Michigan everything, everywhere! Love this barn with GO BLUE on the roof, and all the maize and blue buses.

It was such a nice surprise to find out that our good Williamsburg buddy Nicky (rather, Mickey, as Shae continues to call him) was doing the same program that Darin was. It was so fun to catch up with him and watch him entertain our kiddos.

 Fun day playing baseball with sticks and rocks at the park. I felt pretty nostalgic for softball running around the bases with the kids.
 This cute baby girl...er, toddler girl in the tub. Where did my baby go!?
 Can't get over how big she looks sitting in nursery!
 Shae mastered the art of scissors while in Ann Arbor.
While Belén mastered face powder.

And being stinking cute.
First ponytails!

I just realized that I never posted these pictures from our first weekend in MI when we took a trip to Lake Independence. It was only about 20 minutes outside of Ann Arbor and was the perfect lake for our little kiddos. Much more tranquil than Lake Michigan with perfect sand castle sand.  

Darin really got in to the sand castle building. I had to comfort him a few times when other kids came over and knocked down part of the fortress. 

Boys doing swimming lessons.
 Girls chowing down.
When they realized what they were missing out on.

 FHE about putting on the armor of God and what that means. (Not sure why all of these pics are blurry, but they were too cute not to post). Belén did not want to keep her helmet on, but was pretty happy about everything else.
 Ready to fight.
The helmets and shields quickly turned into drums and the swords into drum sticks.

We had such a great time in Ann Arbor. Everything worked out so well and we are glad that we got to explore a new city (one that we were sure we were going to be living in...) Thanks for the good times Michigan!

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