Thursday, August 4, 2016

Road Trippin' It

Crazy to think that we've been in Idaho for two weeks already. This summer is flying!

Day one of our trip was Ann Arbor to Iowa City. Took a quick lunch stop in Indiana...
And then stopped again in Bentendorf, IA (about an hour away from our friend's house). This was a shorter driving day, plus we gained an hour, so we thought this would be a fun stop for the kids (loving that our Ithaca Science Center passes get us in to so many museums for free). 

This Family Museum was SO fun.

 Professional grocery shopper right there.

 Love this girl in blue!

We had a lovely visit with the Chamberlains, and the next day were off to Nebraska. 

Rest stops with play equipment were invented by a genius.

Although Belén had more fun playing in this water pump.
Shout out to my awesome husband for driving the majority of this trip (because after kids I can't seem to keep my eyes open for more than 10 minutes while driving). But...shout out to me for driving through the crazy of the trip. This storm. It was huge, it was loud, it was so so so wet. I've never driven through a storm where slowing down didn't help me see any better. We had to pull over at one point because it was just too dangerous to continue. (Nothing like a super long rain storm to keep me awake and clenching the steering wheel). 
 All the other cars pulled over on the side of the road.
 After getting through the storm and getting in to Nebraska, we stopped in Omaha at another Children's museum. This was not as fun as the other one, probably because it was PACKED (Rainy day traffic I suppose). The kids still enjoyed themselves though.

We spent our second night in Kimball, NE. The third day was mostly spent in Wyoming, and getting to Idaho. Woo hoo!

Stopped at this great rest stop in Little America,WY that Sharon suggested. It was hopping with people, but had a fun playground and $.75 ice cream cones!

Final stretch of the trip and he starts going a little crazy.
 We saw tons of mini coopers on our last day. At a rest stop we saw a button that one of the drivers was wearing about driving through one state per day or something like that.
 I jumped in the back at one point to hold Belén’s legs still in hope that she would sleep for more than three minutes. Didn't help too much. Poor girl, she just kept jerking awake. She's the best crib sleeper, but THE worst car sleeper.
 A couple of the loooooongest minutes of the trip was when we were behind this dude painting lines...sssoooo sloooooow.

Seeing this sign was the best part of the trip! (Besides actually getting to Darin's house and seeing his mom).

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