Monday, August 22, 2016

Lava Hot Springs

One of the Saturdays we were in Pocatello was spent at Lava Hot Springs. We were so excited that Darin's siblings Amelia, Stephen, and Devin (and families) were able to be there too. We missed Derek, Linzy, Claire, and Eva so much, but it was so hard to get so many different schedules line up. Hopefully next time we can get everyone together.

Lava was a blast. The weather and water was perfect. Such a fun water park! 

 Feed me, now.

 BelĂ©n looooved this little kid indoor area. 

So much so that this is how she felt after we had to chase her down a few times while trying to sneek away to go back.
Shae liked it in there quite a bit as well. Especially when he was with Kyler. Oh boy did he LOVE his older cousin Kyler.

 More swimming in the big pool.
Kyler and Stephen were easily the most exciting to photograph.

 But little Henry was probably the cutest. 
What a doll.
I can't get enough of Wyatt's little glares at me while I tried to take pictures of him. 
 Then there's this one.
 It was so fun to finally meet Karen...and Henry...and see Devin after so long. So glad they could make the trip out!

 Shae and Wyatt marching on the towel.
 Oh these sweet cousins. I can't get enough!

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