Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Quick Trip to Utah!

 My girlfriends and I had been trying to plan a "girls trip" for quite some time, but then Molly found out she was pregnant and would be having a baby around the time we were planning, then she was moving to Puerto Rico and Anne's brother got married and overall she had a super busy summer, so things got a little sticky. We weren't able to do a FULL girls weekend complete with all the girls, but Kaitlyn, Kaitlin, and I still took advantage of a few days to throw a grown woman slumber party and stay up late talking, laughing, and crying. I'm really so in love with these two. And these donuts that we got in Kamas, UT. SO GOOD.

A few days after getting back to ID we took a quick one day trip back down to Utah to try and catch our friends the Lukes before they headed back out to VA. Would have loved to stay longer but somebody had a paper to write...

We did take a few hours to walk around BYU, which was really really fun. It was great to see the kids run around campus and every few minutes see Shae point at the Y and shout, "Look! There's BYU again!"

 Shae wanted to see the part of the library that we were walking on top of, so we took him down to the Periodicals which is where I mostly studied when I studied at the library. On the way down the stairs an older man stopped Shae and said, "Are you a future Cougar?" Shae responded with something random like, "I'm Ryder for action power and the cougar is on my shirt."

Took her all of two seconds to hop right in to this fountain in the courtyard in the middle of the JFSB.
 One of those times when he yelled, "Look! BYU again!"
 The excitement on Darin's face. Oh how he loves this building.
 He even got himself a free Poli Sci t-shirt by flirting with the girl at the desk. (Just kidding, do you know my husband? I mean, he did get a t-shirt, but he didn't have to flirt for it. His Poli Sci degree actually did come in handy for something).
 Loved running in to Jeff Tucker, our dear friend from our Spanish branch and so happy to see his as a teacher at this great school!
 Not sure if the kids liked the Jamba Juice smoothie or dancing in the Wilk ballroom more. You be the judge.

 If anyone is looking for a birthday present for this fella...
 Closer look, just in case. 
He approves.
Can't get over their faces in this picture.
Wouldn't be a trip to Provo without some SLAB!
We spent the night at Kaitlin's so that we could all meet the new babies (Belén and Gemma). The Nystuls came over and we stayed up WAY to late in a hysteria of laughter playing JackBox TV Games. I wish we could do it again right now, it was SO fun.

It was also fun to see Shae play with Jonas and Cohen. Finally some friends who know Paw Patrol! It was adorable watching them run around the house saying "Rubble on the Double!" and "Chase is on the case!" and then randomly, "Can we fix it?!" and the others would chime in and say, "Yes we can!" Too cute.

 We all know which of our two families is more photogenic. 

 The next day we took a quick stop to see Sunshine and her kiddos. Loved seeing how big and beautiful Tori is and glad we got to meet sweet Porter.

 It was so fun to catch up with Sunshine. Wishing we lived closer!
 Finally, we met up with the Lukes and hung out for quite a while with them. Glad that we were able to see each other and that we have Utah and Idaho as common ground to hopefully run into each other more in the future. We just love these guys!

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