Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Special Visits

We had a fun visit our first weekend here from Amelia, Anna, Zoey, and Wyatt. They came by to celebrate Ibu's birthday with us. I can't get enough of seeing these kiddos with their cousins! 
Two of the four babies born within a year of each other.

The kids were pretty excited to help blow out the candles (well, the two older kids that is).

After cake we went over to the stake Pioneer Day activity which was, ah-mazing. They had bounce houses, snocone and popcorn machines, tons of food, balloon animals. Wow, it was legit and the kids LOVED it.

After our semi-failed attempt at going to the Rexburg temple, we brought Anna back to Poky with us for two days to visit. Ammon also came up from Utah. It was so nice that we got to visit with them (and so nice of Sharon to let us take over the house for 2 days to make this visit possible). The kids had a blast running around Brooklyn's Playground with them.

Wish I was talented and could swap the faces in these next two pictures so that they are all smiling in one picture...

At one point Shae commanded us all to go to sleep. He pointed us to our "beds" and told us to wait for the sun to come up.
The next weekend we got to visit with Derek, Linzy, Claire and we finally got to meet sweet Eva! Shae just loved Claire. He has asked so many times since she left, "Is Claire going to be there?" whenever we go somewhere.

These two girls were not the most cooperative when it came to getting pictures. That's what we get for waiting till the last minute I suppose.

More fun visits in posts to come!

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