Monday, August 8, 2016

Poky Randoms

Hanging out by the statue outside of the Marshall Public Library. We've really enjoyed the story times. toys, and ipads at the library--no surprise.

 Our first day in Poky, we went to story time and while there my mother-in-law found out that the firemen were going to be at the park spraying water at lunchtime so we headed right over. Shae was a little hesitant at first, but once he got going he loved it. Such a fun summer activity!

 Just hangin' out at the bottom of the bookcase. Needless to say, many picture frames have been moved...
 I have often heard Darin talk about how his family would go to Concerts in the Park on Sundays evenings. I finally got to experience it with them a few Sundays ago. I would love to find something like that for our family to do as our kids grow up, what a perfect Sunday family tradition.

Shae was pretty excited about this huge rock he got to play on.

I was apparently also pretty excited to pretend I was on a train chugging away...not sure why the kids don't look more into it.
 Filling his cup holder with popcorn during the show.
He moved his and Belén’s chairs to sit up in front of us by a family that we don't know. The girls just kept looking at him like "who the heck are you?" He just kept situating himself, readying himself for a conversation and popcorn sharing.
 Belén running up to grab popcorn and then run away.

Have I mentioned how much this family loves taking pictures?

Last weekish we went up to Rexburg to go to the temple and see/pick up Anna. She watched the kids for us while we tried to go to the temple. Little did we know that the Rexburg temple was going to be a zoo of people. When we got there, we weren't able to get in to the session that we wanted, or even the next one. We would have had to wait for two hours just to get in to the session. I didn't want to leave the kids that long so Darin went and did initiatories while I read and waited in the lobby (I was a bit sensitive since I was really looking forward to doing an endowment session, especially since I didn't make it in to the Detroit session either--that, and PMS, let's be honest).
Check out the dude in the bottom right of this picture.
Closer look for all you Studio C crazies out there.
 We were a little too chicken to ask him for a picture with us, so instead we asked him to take pictures of us, ha! He also didn't seem to be in the best mood, or else I probably would have.

This was Belén's first temple trip since she was 3 months old when we stopped at the Atlanta and Columbia, SC temple. I know she won't remember details, but I sure do hope that she (and Shae) remember how important the temple is to me and Darin...and to our family as a whole.

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