Friday, March 30, 2012

PH-PHAT Birthday

Thanks to a literature paper I've been working all week this post is a little behind schedule, but here she is none the less.

Philip's birthday was on Tuesday. He is 21. WHAT!? 21? Really? Already? Can it be true? It's 100% true folks.  Believe it.

Happy Birthday PH-ilip!!!  
(there's really nothing more exciting than hitting the underline, bold and italics button in a row and then on top of that changing the color. It's so invigorating.)

I had too much fun dedicating a post to Lil Ms. Butt back on her birthday that I couldn't let the opportunity pass by to do just the same for my not so baby brother Philip. Here we go:

From Ooberlicously CUTE:

To slightly AwKwArD 
(just slightly. Don't judge to harshly, we all went through this stage) 


I present to you: Phat Philip or Philip Phat or just plain old PH-phat
(Just as a side note, "phat" was one of those words used back in my cool days that just stuck when talking about my boy Philip. According to the Urban Dictionary it means: "cool" or "pretty hot and tempting." I prefer the latter)
Sorry, what was that? You want to know more about this studdly piece of meat known as my little brother? Don't mind if I do... 

He may not look very strong (no offense brother), but he really is.
(Much stronger than the scrawny one on the back of the rope)

He's an actor, and a pretty funny one at that

He loves skipping down paved roads

Not a surprise to anyone who knows my family, but he loves animals (sometimes I wonder if I was adopted)

He's very studious

He got to serve as a missionary for a few weeks and even without the name tag, he is a 100% everyday missionary

Orioles Fan!!!!!!!!!!!

Uummm...don't really know what to say about this picture, haha... but I thought you should all know that he did something to his lip a while back. Just enjoy this picture. That's all I ask.

He can make a MEAN pizza and cleans silverware till they are BRILLANTES. 

Did I already mention that he is a stud? Well he is!! How many guys go to 3 proms in 1 month?!

Come on ladies, you know you can't get enough. Leave a comment with your number if interested :).


The day Philip entered the world was the day that the video cameras turned from Cuddly Cute (and slightly tantrumy) Brillante over to the her new and exciting baby brother (maybe exciting isn't the best word to use when watching a baby lie on a blanket or rock in a swing..). Can you sense the jealousy? Oh yeah, I was jealous, and I still am whenever I watch those videos and hear "Brillante, move over, I can't see Philip", "Brillante, don't do that", "Brillante stop singing so loud, we're listening to Philip breathe" (i might have made that last one up, but you get the idea).

Looking back, I completely understand. I mean, look at this little guy!! He's adorable!!

One of my all time favorite things about Philip is how loving he is. He's a real people's person (you might not believe me if you knew Philip 15 years ago...he was a tad bit timid back in the day). But he really love's people and knows how to make them feel good. Especially kids. He is SOO good with kids. He'll be such a good daddy some day (and uncle to my future wee ones). I know that there are a lot of kids that really look up to him and I look up to him for that. He's such a good example.


And there you have it. My 21 year old brother. I love this boy to death and am so glad to have him in my life. He's amazingly thoughtful for a boy in his early 20's, which again, is something that I really admire about him. He's got a pretty dang good memory too. He reminds me quite often in fact that I promised him a sleepover when he was like, 4 and I was 7. I promised him a sleepover in the living room and never fulfilled my promise and he hasn't ever let me forget. Philip, if we have the sleepover this summer, is it okay if I bring my husband?

Happy Birthday!!!!

I love you!!!!!!!!!!

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