Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Butt's Birthday

Who is Butt you ask? Why my dear sweet favorite little sister of course. Why do I call her butt? I really don't know. I just always have, ever since I can remember. Anna Butt. Anna Banana Butt. Butt (all on it's own). It's just a catchy term of endearment that has never left me.
 And guess what?
Today, this very day, Wednesday the 8th of February, BUTT TURNS 18!!!
Are you freaking out? Because I am freaking out. Where has the time gone!? Where did little Anna go? The one who would run around in her little girl princess underwear clinging to her blankie? The one with long dark curls and thick bangs who would dress up as princess Jasmine and sing "I'm a lil tea-pot" until she "don't member the west." OOohhhhhh Anna. You've grown up so fast.

In honor of her 18th birthday, I decided that I want to show my lil Butt off.

From AwKwArD. 


I invite you to meet: My Butt.

You see, Butt comes in many different shapes and sizes. Allow me. There's....

Wanna-be a hipster Butt
Pilgrim Butt
Snow White Butt
 In-love-with-a-snowman Butt
 To-much-eye-makeup Butt
 Theater junkie Butt
 Flexible Butt
 Stuff-your-face-and-don't-gain-any-weight BUTT
 Sexy Model Butt
 Hermione Granger Butt
 Sandy Butt
 Dangerous Butt
 Renaissance Fair Butt
Pretty at prom Butt

Just to name a few (of those "shapes and sizes" that is).
Being sandwiched between 2 boys as I was, it might not be such a surprise that when Anna was born I was EXCITED. She was all mine. She was MY baby sister (as she still is and always will be). I was her mommy and would carry her around everywhere we went just as a mommy should.

 Anna is one of my hero's. You know why? Because she is 99.75% perfect. She is gorgeous, funny, TALENTED, spiritual, loving... etc. etc. etc. I say 99.75% perfect because she does have ONE imperfection. She may not like it, but I'm going to say it anyways, Anna's imperfection isssssssssss.... CATS. ek.

I forgive her for loving cats. We all have our weaknesses. But other than that, I absolutely LOVE this girl. It's been hard being away from her for so long, missing so many big things in her life (aka. got contacts, got her first kiss, got her period, got zits, got a figure, got an ipod, got a facebook, performed in plays, learned to sing, learned to drive, BECAME AN ADULT). I mean, she was 12 when I left home for college. Now she is EIGHTEEN. A lot happens between that time. But even though there may be 2,500 miles separating us, she will always be my Butt. She is such a great example to me of what living a Christ-like life is like. She's a good girl, with a good heart and those things will take her to wonderful places. I LOVE having her as my sister. I wouldn't want it any other way.


The day I got home from my mission. I came home to Snow White...




  1. This was too cute! I love how you guys are together. What a sweet family :)

  2. I always said Anna had the best big sister in the world. What a wonderful tribute (though you know I can't stand you calling her that name!)

    1. Sorry, I guess I should have referred to her as "Bum" or "Bottom" knowing that you and Dad would be reading this. Wwwoooppsss.

  3. i love this! i can just sense the amazing relationship and love that you two have for each other. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your BUTT! :) that's great!

  4. OH how I cried and laughed when I read this. So cute.

  5. Not really Boden, this is Sis Nickie Clouse. I forgot that my gmail was originally Boden's blog. See how much I use it. LOL

  6. I know exactly how your feel. the fact that whitney is in college just blew me away. I still remember the day i went to the elementary school to get her our early to play when i went up to visit. I called my mom because I didnt remember what teacher she had and my mom was like.. uh bridget whitney is at the middle school for some time now..