Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Good Ol' V-Day

That's right. Valentine's Day. The day of lovers. The day of kisses and hugs and flowers and chocolates...

Darin might not like me for saying this, but I'm learning more each year that I'm not a huge fan of Valentine's Day. I mean, when you are not "with someone" it's the day where you remember (more than any other day) that you aren't "with someone", and you hear about all the romantic stories of men sweeping women off their feet and everything is overly lovey dovey mushy ooshy gooshy and it can be very easy to start feeling the J word flowing through your being. You know the one: jealousy.  Bum bum buummmm. It's gotta be the day with the highest frequency of breaking the 10th commandment.

So maybe I was the only one who ever had feelings of the J word oozing through my soul, or desires to break the 10th commandment (that is, coveting, for all ya'll slacking in your Exodus reading). And you may be wondering why this would matter now that I am happily married. I know right?! You'd think I would enjoy it more, and I would have to say, I definitely do. But NOW the issue is that it's a day where you expect something to happen. You expect a surprise, a dinner, a card, a flower, something, anything.... and if you don't get that something, you're sad. I'm more of a "surprise me" type woman. I don't mind being treated like a princess, but I prefer the stores and commercials not be the source of my wanting to be treated like a princess. Does that make sense? Probably not. You all probably think I am the worst woman in the world. A big fat Valentine's Day hater. Perhaps I am.

With that said, OUR VALENTINES DAY:   (xoxoOOXxoXXOXxxxXooooXXOOXxxOOxxxoooOOX)

Although I just vented all of my pessimistic feelings about Valentine's Day and you might not believe any of the pink and lacy goodness I am about to share with you, we really did have a lovely Valentine's Day. Or should I say, a lovely Valentine's hour and a half.

Darin picked me up from class at 7 and when he unlocked and opened the door there was sweet lover's music playing in the background and a beautiful new candle was lit on the table where the plates and silverware were laying out. We shared a wonderful candle-light dinner of Pizza Hut while opening our hearts up to our favorite moments together from the past year. We topped our time together off by cuddling in the recliner while watching an episode of Downton Abbey before turning our time back over to homework/work.

This is the candle Darin got me. It smells SOOO GOOD.  He's a good candle-picker. (I accidently spilled some of the wax last night and it spilled on to my water bottle, so now every time I take a swig, it's like I'm drinking from a smooth and silky river that lies smack dab in the middle of a blooming flower garden.  Mmmmmm... so refreshing).

I made him a candy-gram. Last year I wrote him a letter using clippings from magazines and newspapers. Now that I know him better, I thought something with food would be a little more appropriate :).

Darin is my perfect Valentine, and I suppose the feeling of "expecting" is much better than the feeling of "jealousy". I love my boy mucho mucho mucho, and you see, why do I need a special day to celebrate my love? For me, every day is Valentine's Day.

(I didn't tell you I wouldn't be just as mooshy as the rest. Sorry).

Love you Sugar Booger...Sugar Muffin...Sugar Pie!!! MUAH!

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