Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Perks of the MPP

I'm learning quickly that there aren't a lot of positives when it comes to being the wife of a master's student. You're probably tired of hearing me complain about how I never see Darin, or how he lives on campus or how I am trying to learn how to go to sleep by myself again (it wasn't that long ago that I slept alone every night. Why is it so hard now?).

So, the point of this post is not to focus on the negative (which would be much to easy of a post for me to write), rather the PERK (that's right, the one and only that I have come across so far) of the MPP program.

Last week there was a dinner for all master's students. There it is the 1 and only PERK up to this point. A dinner. But seriously, it was a NICE dinner. I ran home from work, Darin ran home from campus, we changed into slightly nicer attire and made our way up to the Wilkinson Ballroom which had been transformed. The set-up was really pretty and there was a man on stage playing beautiful piano music while we ate. I felt like we had transformed into Lord and Lady Self as the "servants" brought us salad and rolls to start off our meal. They quickly came back, took our plates away and brought out Chicken Cordon Bleu with Mashed Potatoes and Green Beans. SO GOOD. After which, we anticipated a dessert plate to be coming quickly, considering we started the night with 3 forks in front of us and still had 1 remaining. WOW. Dessert was AMAZING. I felt like I was on a cooking show with someone trying to impress me with their pastry skills so that I would choose them to win. Had some fancy cream smeared across the plate and then on top of/next to that was the most delicious graham cracker crust, chocolate, peanut butter goodness sprinkled with raspberry's... mmmmmmmmm....SO GOOD.

My thanks go out to all the Masters programs out there for letting me get pampered for an hour of my Wednesday night (and especially to my masters husband for asking me to be his date).

After dinner there was a speaker who used a lot of big words in the first few minutes of his talk and lost me pretty quickly. I was kind of hoping that the dinner and speech would happen at the same time. I just assumed that multi-tasking was thing to do these days. I mean, I don't even have 2 hours of extra time on a Wednesday night and I'm not in a masters program. We didn't stay for the whole thing since Darin had so much to do. We said our good-byes outside of the ballroom and he went back on his way to the SWKT.

My first perk of the MPP was a success. Hopefully we get more dinners of that fashion in the near future :).

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