Friday, March 2, 2012

I asked Riley for his John Hancock...

Remember that one time that I mentioned that BYU's very own quarterback was in my Spanish Literature class? Remember that goal I had to talk to him? Well, I actually spoke to him quite some time ago but never got around to writing the story. It won't take me long to tell you how the conversation went. It went a little something like this:

Riley: Hey, what page are we on?
Me: Uuumm... page 36.

And that was that. Sweet huh?

That was a good month, month and a half ago. Since that time Riley started sitting on the opposite side of the room so it was a little harder to continue to delve into deep conversation with him, that is, until today.

As soon as I walked into class and saw him sitting at the desk right next to mine, my heart started beating really fast. You see, I had told myself previously that if he ever decided to sit on my side of the room again, I was going to ask him for his autograph. Which of course is why I got so nervous as soon as I saw him there. I'm not usually the nervous type,  but for some reason my turning into a football fanatic and asking for Riley's autograph when no one else in the class has even acknowledged him as our quarterback made me a little uneasy.

Five minutes till class starts. (I was stalling, talking to my friend next to me while looking up at the clock every couple of seconds) "I have to do it," I kept telling myself, and the next thing I knew I was saying his name...

Me: Hey Riley, sooo, I was wondering, do people in your classes tend to ask you for your autograph a lot?
Riley: During the season, yeah, autographs, pictures all that stuff. During the off-season, not so much. Plus I cut my hair, so I'm a little less recognizable.
Me: Right, haha (I let out a little giggle to cover my nerves). Soo, then, it wouldn't be weird if I were to, uh, let's say, ask you for your autograph?
Riley: Not at all. It would be my pleasure.
Me: Sweet, thanks. I'll have to bring something for you to sign...

Then our teacher started talking about Vanguardismo and Neorealismo and all that jazz. It took me a little while to get focused on the class because I was thinking about any possible options of signing material that I had in my backpack. A piece of paper from my notebook? The Gabriel Mistral poem we were reading? A textbook? My BYU ID card? NADA. I had nothing. Knowing I was going to have to wait to get his autograph another day, I began scanning through items in our apartment that I could have him sign. Little BYU towel from basketball games? A shirt? My hat? I could print off a picture of him... OR...I could TAKE a picture with him, print it and have him sign it. Then I started worrying about how to keep my cool, I can't have him go thinking that I'm some weirdo BYU football fanatic that goes decked out to every game with sweatbands and long socks and blue dye in my hair (sorry sweetheart..). Needless to say, this is going to take some time to figure out, and I just hope he sits on my side of the room again, because if not, I'd be much to embarrassed to walk over to the other side of the room just to have him sign something for me.

Don't worry folks. It's coming. Stayed tuned.


  1. Bahaha I love this! You should get me one too. You should have him sign your all sports pass - if you have one.

  2. You go for it, girl! Proud of you for getting the courage up to ask! Love the picture idea. Try that! I'm sure he'd let you take one with him. That would be awesome to have hanging in your apartment! Be brave! YOU CAN DO IT! I would never have gotten Tim Salmon and Jim Edmunds' autographs if I hadn't gotten out of my comfort zone and made a bit of a fool of myself!

  3. I think the sports pass is a great idea. Or, if you don't have one of those and are afraid to take a picture, buy a postcard showing the stadium (I bet they've got them in the bookstore) and have him sign that. And relax! This is a regular guy.