Friday, March 16, 2012

Food Addictions

I've had some pretty hardcore addictions this week, 3 in particular. I thought I would share with you so that you can go get yourself hooked as well.

1. Black Forest Gummy Bears

  • I've actually been on a gummy bear kick for quite some time now, but I've finally found the BEST gummy bear. We've tried many different brands over the last few months but are now 99% set on Black Forest gummy bears. OH. MY. GOSH. YUM. The flavor is great, the texture superb AND on top of that, the little bears have faces and arms and legs and they even have fur on their little tummies!! Doesn't get better than that.
Comparison between Black Forest (bottom) and Haribo (top, my previous favorite). Look at that fur! They look so real and have 10% Vitamin C!

2. Taco Bell Hot Sauce
  • Sooo, I've really been addicted to this stuff for as long as I can remember and perhaps I'm no more addicted to it this week than any other, but since I've eaten it on my food for 3 days in a row, I felt that it deserved to make the list. Burritos, quesadillas, cheese and crackers. OH. MY. GOSH. YUM! It's so good! Addicting! In fact, one of the simple ways that I can tell Darin loves me is when he comes home with a bag full of hot sauce after picking up a burrito from taco bell. That's what I call thoughtful.
3. BYU Graham Canyon Ice Cream
  • What do I even say about this stuff besides OH. MY. GOSH. YUM! Delicious! I went to a little guitar gig at the Wilk last night and they had cups with this ice cream for free. OH. MY. GOSH. I've had it before once or twice, but it really hit the spot last night. (so we went and got more tonight...) YUM.

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