Sunday, March 4, 2012

Friday Night Date

I LOVE Friday Nights!!

Well... usually that is. And by usually I mean that Darin is really really good at setting aside a few hours on Friday night, but once or twice he has had to work late on a weekly assignment that he has due on Saturday mornings (yuck!).

Last semester I had to work Friday AND Saturday nights, but this semester I get Fridays off. It is a glorious thing. LOVE IT.

So for our date on Friday we decided to go to El Gallo Giro just down the street on University Ave. Best Horchata ever! I love love love their Horchata. That was the deciding factor. (Plus I've enjoyed every meal I've ever gotten there and it's cheap). We spent 14 bucks for a steak sandwich filled with goodness and a plate of stake with rice and beans. Not a bad price in my opinion, and that included fries, tortillas, chips and salsa, our Horchata, cactus, AND a free complementary dessert on the house. AWESOME. I love that place.

Darin thinking: "seriously? you want to take a picture of me eating my torta?" He'll get used to it someday

I got lessons in how to eat properly at a Mexican restaurant

Use the tortilla as my utensil, pick up the steak, slap some rice and beans on there and eat. It's not as easy as it looks...

I've ordered the Carne Asada before and it has never come with cactus. Friday it did. I took a bite and then moved it over to the napkin so that I didn't have to look at it while I ate. Not a fan.

Yummy cinnamony dessert that we got just for being us!!

After dinner we continued the date with a little Walmart love. Our dear friend Erik needed some dinner and I couldn't help but take a picture of him at the register. He bought taquitos, cheese, avocado, lettuce and a creamy lime mayonnaise to put on top of everything. Now that's a meal!

While at Walmart we had the dilemma of figuring out which toothbrushes we should buy (toothbrushes are getting expensive!). We of course consulted with my tooth-savy father and he immediately recommended the Colgate 360. Uuummm....WOW. We can't get enough of brushing our teeth. My dad sure does know what he's talking about when it comes to teeth. I mean, check this baby out!

Unique tongue cleaner? Umm, YES! Go get one. You can thank my father later.

Finished the date with a little HumorU. It was a successful date in my book. I love me some Darin time!

(P.S. Thanks Amelia for the sweater!)

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