Friday, March 23, 2012

Why Is Everyone Looking at Me?

Clearly if Kiersten Dunst occasionally has one of "those days" then we are all bound to have them as well.

I had one of "those days" this week. Ran home from school, grabbed a skirt and shirt, threw it on and ran back out the door on my way to work. Thanks to the very reflective doors (basically mirrors) that the MTC has, I did my normal "check-myself-out" glance. I must say, I was looking pretty darn good until all of a sudden I got to my bottom half. UH-OH. Somebody forgot to put a slip on, and that is NOT cool. The "without-slip" look may be very common in some countries, such as Argentina for example, but from my experience here in the United States, that just doesn't fly here. I quickly swiped my card and ran inside the building hoping that no one noticed my quite see-through skirt acting just as see-through as it possibly could on this bright wanna-be spring day. Oh yyyyyeahhhh. Not cool.

I felt much more comfortable on the inside of the building but the thought still lingered in the back of my mind throughout the entire 3 hour shift. After most of my shifts, I usually go home (which would have been preferable this day), but no, it just happened to be the 1 day that I go to class right from work. As I walked to campus (walking with my legs glued together. That must help...) all I could think about was how EVERYONE was staring at me. Even during class I felt the eyes of my classmates burning into my soul as they witnessed my moment of shame.

In the end, my guess would be that most of those people that walked past me or that are in class with me didn't even notice my semi-see-through skirt. But it just made me think about all those little things that we have going on in our minds, the little secrets that we have and the way we react. Please tell me I'm not the only one that when I have a "secret" or better yet "wardrobe malfunction" thinks that everyone in the world knows about it. Tell me, please.

One time I even went to the gym and forgot to bring underwear. Did that stop me from working out? Of course not! I just worked out in my shorts. JUST my shorts. I felt completely awkward the entire time thinking that everyone could tell I wasn't wearing any underwear. Did anyone notice? I doubt it. But isn't the mind an interesting thing, the way it plays games on us (and makes us overreact about certain things and then feel completely comfortable sharing it on the internet...Yup. Very interesting thing this mind of mine).

Moral of this story: Don't worry. No one notices. 

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  1. haha I love this. I totally do this too. Altough I can't quite believe you worked out with no underwear on, lol.