Monday, March 12, 2012

Mount Oquirrh Temple

We were up in West Valley for a friends bridal shower this weekend and couldn't help but take the opportunity to go to a NEW temple. We've talked about going to different temples (besides Mt. Timp and Provo) for some time now since we are surrounded by so many (gotta take advantage of it while we can). We went to Manti last summer which is GORGEOUS:

Next on the list: Mt. Oquirrh. CHECK. (That brings me to 13 temples and Darin to 14... but who's counting??). 

What a beautiful temple! I loved it. So pretty and simple and it's up on the hill, so the view is great. Where else in the world could you be standing at one temple and see two others? 
Blurry picture of the South Jordan temple. Draper was too far away for the camera but it was definitely visible. Crazy!
I love the temple.

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