Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Move

We've done it. We've signed our lives away and emptied our bank accounts, but we have a place to call home for at least the next year (probably two). Hallelujah. 

Two Friday's ago we submitted the application for the townhouse we wanted to rent. We were told it would take a few days to process and that the earliest we might  be able to move in was a week from then. On a whim, Shae and I headed up to Pennsylvania for the week of waiting so that we could spend time with Anna before her mission (and so that we wouldn't have to sit around in a stranger's home and really mostly because my siblings were dying to meet Shae). 

I'm so glad that we decided to go up. (Even if it was the first time that Darin and I have slept apart since our had to come eventually right?)

We really just played at home and tried to get Shae back on some kind of sleeping schedule and out of the car seat (the kid has been through a lot the last few weeks) It must feel so good to be on the floor again.
 photo DSC02017-Copy-Copy_zps371f1c1d.jpg 
We decided that we need to invest in a piano and an Uncle A.J. for our new home. (B-A-B-Y. W-H-I-S-P-E-R-E-R). 
 photo DSC02019-Copy-Copy_zps8443575a.jpg 
Had to leave Uncle Philip nice and early Friday morning (can you tell by the picture that it was 5am?) And we were off.
 photo DSC02025-Copy-Copy_zps1cedf3b2.jpg
 photo DSC02026_zps97dabfae.jpg
About five hours later, arrived, signed more papers than I have ever signed in my life while watching the realty lady pick at a nasty tick on her thigh and complain about how the office didn't have tweezers,(weird), got the keys and MOVED IN.
 photo DSC02027_zpsed44ef42.jpg  photo DSC02028-Copy-Copy_zps763030b2.jpg 
Poor baby was SO sticky. I've never seen actual drops of sweat falling from his head. Now I have. We were all drenched in sweat after moving everything in. The day reminded me of how I felt the day of my wedding. Man, this humidity is no joke. 
 photo DSC02029_zps2393aa7a.jpg  photo DSC02031_zps64a03cdf.jpg  photo DSC02032_zps9149c4ef.jpg  photo DSC02034_zps239f34c2.jpg
Yay for having a home!

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