Saturday, July 13, 2013

5 Months

 Everywhere we go people are oooing and aaahing at our baby boy. I guess people don't see as many babies out here as they do in Utah (understandabley so). Yesterday a lady told us that she found out a couple days ago that she will be a grandma, apparently seeing Shae made her even more excited. She told us that he is the first baby that she has seen since finding out she will be a grandma. Either she doesn't get out much, or there really are less babies roaming Virginia. Anywho, we have had countless opportunities to answer the questions coming our way about the age of our baby these last few days and it's so fun to say that the Shaesternator is now....

 photo 5months_zps84e5aaf3.jpg

At five months Shae has:

...sucked on his first watermelon and loved it.

...been in 9 different states.

...discovered his vocal chords.

...started growing hair!

...still not figured out that waking up three to four times a night just isn't cool.

...been to two baseball games and one hockey game.

 photo DSC01803_zps4b743fb1.jpg

 photo DSC01696_zps8bd22577.jpg

...started sleeping on his side and stomach.
 photo DSC01823_zpsd9a12fb0.jpg

To celebrate his 5th month mark, we decided it was high time he spend some time in a pool (and really, you can't stay in a hotel and NOT go swimming. Am I right?) He seemed pretty confused the whole time, like he was trying to figure out the big bathtub. He did splash around quite a bit, with a very stoic look on his face, so we'll just say he enjoyed it.

 photo DSC01990_zpscbd25a8f.jpg

 photo DSC01980_zpsef84a5a0.jpg  photo DSC01986_zps82a86461.jpg  photo DSC01983_zps4bdb4ac0.jpg photo DSC01987_zpsd0f45fd8.jpg  photo DSC01988_zps0eae354c.jpg

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