Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Our three day cross-country journey has come to an end. The drive was surprisingly easy. Long, but that was to be expected. We seemed to divide our time between the three days very nicely and here we are! 

The babe did so so so well. I'm just happy that we don't have to stuff him in the car for long hours again tomorrow. He seemed to be getting a bit bored with the whole ordeal today and I could tell he was ready to get out of that car seat. But seriously, overall, he did so great which was a huge relief for his mama.

First day was by far my least favorite. Wyoming and Nebraska are BOOORING. Second day we dropped down onto I-70 and passed right by the Kansas City and St. Louis temples as well as the stadiums where the Kansas City Royals and St. Louis Cardinals play (and when I say right, I mean RIGHT by them. It was really cool). Also got to see the arch and cross the Mississippi and Missouri rivers (crossed the Missouri river three times!). The scenery picked up quite a bit throughout Missouri, Illinois and Indiana which was refreshing. Day three was filled with lots of curvy roads, trees galore, TONS of bridges (I couldn't believe how many bridges we crossed in Louisville and West Virginia! Poor Darin). We were also welcomed into Virginia by a nice thunderstorm that let off buckets of rain. (It was a new experience for Darin to drive through so much rain and dark skies that never seemed to die down).

On top of our sweet baby being a trooper, can we just talk about our car for a second? This is the fourth cross-country trip for my sweet lil '97 Escort. Not gonna lie, I was a bit nervous about how she would do (poor thing is getting old). She was wonderful! Huge blessing right there. HUGE.

 photo DSC01930_zps3b042000.jpg
Me entertaining the baby.
 photo DSC01943_zpsba6b37a7.jpg
Darin entertaining the baby. 
 photo DSC01932_zps0572e8c9.jpg
Pit stop.
 photo DSC01946_zps3944c6aa.jpg
So excited to be out of the car.
Now on to tomorrow where we search high and low for a place to live. 

Wish us luck!
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