Friday, July 12, 2013


We've spent the last two days looking for a place to live. This afternoon, we put in an application for a cute little townhouse. We're hoping that we get approved quickly so that we can start moving in some time next week.

After house hunting we spent some time exploring town. Walked around William and Mary (beautiful!) and Merchant Square (cutest little shops ever!). Went to the Visitors Center and thought about walking around Colonial Williamsburg but there was just a bit too much rain for us (we could get through Utah with out an umbrella, not anymore. Time to buy some).  

 photo DSC01971_zps0824ad8b.jpg  photo DSC01975_zpsc8da8a98.jpg

Quotes of the day:

Darin using slight  hyperbole: "I have seen more rain in these two days in Virginia than I have in my entire life."  It's been raining like mad since we arrived.

Darin realizing that he will be living in humidity for at least the next two year: "I already can't wait for winter. It feels like something is pressing against me, constantly."

Haha...he'll get used to the awesome thunderstorms and his clothes sticking to him constantly.  I've been reminded how much I hate frizzy hair, but what can you do? No point in straightening anymore I suppose.

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