Friday, November 30, 2012

Pinks and Greens

Last weekend I finished my second baby quilt. Yay! I made the entire quilt top all by myself this time which I was pretty proud of. I wasn't as proud of some of the corners that didn't match up too nicely, but hey, I'm still a beginner, give me a break (warning: I could easily be saying this very same thing 50 years down the road). 
It wasn't until after I finished the quilt top and realized that the fabric I had left wasn't enough to cover the back that the tears came. No worries. I've decided that it's healthy to allow myself one breakdown per quilt. Thankfully we had Thanksgiving with my sister-in-law and mother-in-law (who are expert quilters I should add) They were my lifesavers on this quilt. 
And now it's done. Hallelujah. It's exciting and a little sad to finish it. After two quilts I'm realizing that I sort of have this love-hate relationship with quilting. There are moments when I really love it (usually when I'm looking at the finished quilt top or the finished product) and then there are moments when I really hate it (usually when things don't match or the bobbin freaks out or my yarn needle won't go through the fabric or or or. I'll stop there). I keep telling myself, maybe quilting's not for me... but then when I finish one I get this burning desire to make another... who knows. Only time will tell if quilting and I can keep a steady relationship going. But for now, here's my quilt! (I kind of get really attached to these little things and have a hard time gifting them).
But, I forced myself to do it anyways :). I'm so excited for Sunshine and Jason Cardell and their new baby girl that is a month away. Can't wait to meet her!

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